Chris Cuomo and an Energy Worker from Pennsylvania like to pull on my Energy thru neg energetic attachments

This blog is about Chris Cuomo and Amber Nightingale targeting my energy body through negative energetic attachments with Psychic Attacks. If you don’t already know who Chris Cuomo is and who Amber Nightingale is well then let me tell you about who they are.

Psychic Vampire CNN journalist Chris Cuomo

Chris Cuomo is an Italian American television journalist who works for CNN. He’s also New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s brother and former New York Governor Mario Cuomo’s son. As well he is a Reiki Master that works with different kinds of energy.

Chris Cuomo is good friends with psychic medium John Edward. Both of them are only a year apart in age and both grew up in Queens, New York.

Amber Nightingale is from Elizabeth Township, Pennsylvania. Amber Nightingale is an energy worker that works at Penn State. She I suspect is in a cult in New York. I suspect she helps the elite target certain people’s energy body. Below here is a photo with John Edward and Amber Nightingale standing close together. Amber wrote a book called Brave Soul.

You can read about John Edward in her book. John Edward is AKA David Michaels in her book, Brave Soul. Amber has been helping John Edward target my energy body since 2017. These two people had been working with Chris Cuomo targeting my energy body off and on. Please check out the photo below of John and Amber together.

Psychic Vampires Psychic Medium John Edward and Amber Nightingale

If you would like to read about one person who I suspect was targeted by Amber Nightingale and other energy workers then you can read about the targeted individual at this link below here. Amber Nightingale I suspect helped energy workers target Sister Holzman with psychic attacks by pulling her energy out of her body through negative energetic attachments and I believe that the targeted psychic attacks ultimately caused her death because she died of a heart attack while in Court. Please follow this link to read about the blog I wrote about sister Holzman dying from psychic attacks that were targeted to her energy body and heart

The first time that Chris Cuomo came into my life was around April 7th, 2020. At the time when he came into my life he was pushing energy into my body from his body and he was doing tantric energy work on my body. As well he would push Reiki fire into my body on different occasions without my permission.

At the time I was very surprised to see him because when he was pushing his energy into my body I was able to remote view him. At the time I became very horny and felt like having sex with this man because of the tantric energy work he was doing on my energy body. Tantric energy work can sometimes make the person very horny and want to have sex with the other person that’s doing the tantric energy work on them.

I was very very surprised when this person who I did not personally know and have never met in person was targeting my energy body. I knew who he was at the time because I just tweeted on his Twitter page a post about his friend John Edward targeting my energy body with demons and psychic attacks, but I did not know he worked for CNN and I didn’t even know who his brother or his father was.

As time would go by Chris Cuomo kept targeting my energy body, but things got worse. His wife who works with energy found out he was targeting my energy body with tantric energy work almost immediately after he started getting me all horny.

Inevitably she got very upset and started targeting my energy body and trying to hurt me. I even remote viewed her talking to Governor Andrew Cuomo saying how she was going to get me.

I don’t understand why she would get upset with me and want to hurt me when it’s her husband coming to me. I’m trying to protect myself from these people targeting me energetically without my permission and she thinks I need him all up in my energy field because of who he is.

Not only was Chris, targeting my energy body with tantric energy work which is common with psychic vampires to obtain energy that they need and want. I remote viewed a hottie blonde chick with big boobs spread eagle naked on a bed in front of Chris Cuomo. That right there told me Chris is not faithful to his wife, Cristina.

A few days after the initial first time I was being targeted by Chris Cuomo. I sat down and meditated and channeled for about 20 minutes or so. While I was meditating and channeling I saw Amber Nightingale and Jonathan Louis on the astral plane helping Chris Cuomo mixed in energetically with Chris and my energy. The psychic attacks haven’t stopped and that’s one of the reasons I’m writing this blog. When things go south like this and people are still trying to hurt me I really enjoy exposing them.

But it doesn’t end there Chris Cuomo’s brother Governor Andrew Cuomo was helping Amber nightendale Target me. Chris Cuomo’s big brother Governor Andrew Cuomo is, I suspect, in a coven and so is Chris Cuomo and his family. They all are I suspect in a coven of vampires.

When I say a coven we could be talking about a coven of psychic vampires and blood-sucking vampires. There are different types of vampires. You have your psychic vampires that are astral, sexual or emotional vampires and a vampire that consumes blood.

I suspect Chris Cuomo could be an emotional psychic vampire. Because he stated in the past how he’s emotionally connected to his wife. I also remote viewed Chris and Cristina’s actions quite often. You can read about my experiences with psychic attacks with Chris and Christina on another blog I’m publishing shortly.

These targeted attacks towards my energy body are because of Donald Trump and organized criminals that he’s trying to protect. That’s right Donald Trump has been in my energy field pretty heavy over the past 3 years and half years.

Donald Trump has known Chris Cuomo and Governor Andrew Cuomo since the 70s. before Donald Trump became a republican he was a Democrat and most of his friends are Democrats like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Donald Trump has been helping them Target me with psychic attacks. Donald Trump supports organized crime and he’s trying to kill me because he doesn’t want me to have his friends indicted that have embezzled millions of dollars from my trust and some of his friends who are attorneys in Greenwood Mississippi use my mother’s name and estate with identity theft.

You can read about the blog I wrote about the identity theft with my mother’s name and estate at this link

All the psychic attacks I have been getting are because organized criminals who are friends with Donald Trump that use my mother’s name and Estate with identity theft want me dead so I can’t have them indicted and prosecuted in court. That’s why I’ve been getting all these psychic attacks.

These people are targeting me for Donald Trump. All of the people that had been intentionally targeting my energy body with psychic attacks every one of them are doing this for Donald Trump because he’s very good friends with the big group of organized criminals in Greenwood Mississippi that are politically connected that run the judicial system that use my mother’s name and estate with identity theft. This is a fact!

These people are not going to stop targeting my energy body. I have accepted that and I’m okay with that, because it’s out of my hands and there’s nothing I can do about it so why worry about something that’s out of my control. Why let fear get the best of Me and upset my mental health.

When I can blog about what’s been happening to me with all these psychic attacks with celebrities and people in politics. Blogging is way better for me because it is grief therapy and helps me cope with all these psychic attacks I’ve been going through twenty-four hours a day for five and a half years.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Please don’t be a victim like me. You can also find me at Pinterest at this link or you can follow me on Twitter at this link Don’t be a Victim of Psychic Attack like me. Learn to protect your self from Energy Workers/Psychic Vampires and people who are targeting you with Demons.