United States Secret Service Agent Roger Kirby likes to talk about my BREAST!

This is U.S. Secret Service Agent Roger Kirby who supports organized crime in Mississippi and protects the President’s Organized Criminal friends from being indicted for the embezzlement of my trust.

My name is Brenda Paixao and I am a victim of a Breach of Fiduciary with my Trustfund. The trustee, Organized Criminal Floyd Melton Jr , who was over my trust embezzled over 4 million from my trust fund with the help of Trustmark Bank , my mother who had guardian of light of my trust in Greenwood Mississippi and a woman who is a career Criminal helped her use her social to open a bank account up at Trustmark bank to embezzle from my trust.

I’ve been trying to have the Secret Service investigate my case because I have a lot of leads in my case that would help to indict the people that embezzled from my Trustfund over $4 million in World War II series EBonds.

The US attorney’s office in Oxford Mississippi informed the Secret Service Agent to stop the investigation with the embezzlement with my trust. There is no statue of limitations with embezzlement in the state of Mississippi, but yet the Secret Service said there is a statue of limitations with the identity theft that’s associated with my case. Therefore they will not be investigating my embezzlement case associated with my Trust.

Can you please give me your opinion? what do you think? Do you think that’s legal? I don’t think it’s very legal. I think it’s them trying to protect organized criminals that are politically connected and are good friends with the President. That’s what I think. I’m the victim here! I should be protected! I should have the support from the Secret Service and the US Attorneys office but I don’t have that!

I have over the past five and a half years been going through major Psychic Attacks with Hindu witches putting demons on me and celebrities and a Pop singer targeting me with Psychic Attacks. All these people are friends with President Donald Trump and all these people want me dead because they know I’m going to indict their friends that they’ve known a while that they met through Donald Trump and they don’t want that!

So instead they’ll try to take me out stop the investigation on my case and make it look like there never was one. Wash their hands of everything once I’m dead and then they’re happy Campers.

This is how the Secret Service are protecting them by not investigating my case. Not only that Secret Service Agent Roger Kirby who was investigating my case called my sister and talked to my sister about my breast to her. Afterwards my sister called me and asked me why I was talking about my breast to a secret service agent.

I was very taken back and surprised that the agent would talk about my breast too my sister. In my opinion this is very unprofessional and the agent has committed misconduct. He also caused a rift between me and my sister. Not only that my sister’s one of the people that’s involved in the embezzlement of my Trustfund. So the Secret Service Agent Roger Kirby is going behind my back and making fun of me to the criminals that are supposed to be indicted.

That’s right my sister’s involved in the embezzlement with my trust because her name is on the bank statement with my mother’s name when my mother used another person’s social security number to embezzle from my trust with the help of Organized Criminal Shriner Attorney Floyd Melton Jr.

I never received an apology from Secret Service Agent Roger Kirby because he had the need to talk about my BREAST to my sister. What I want to know is what in the hell do my BREAST have to do with the investigation with the embezzlement of my trust? Not a goddamn thing, but yet Secret Service Agent Roger Kirby had to speak about my breast.

Are there sexual predators in the Secret Service? It sure looks that way to me the way to me. I was treated like SHIT by the Secret Service Agent. That’s not the half of it! Secret Service Agent Roger Kirby lied to me as well. He said I’ll get back to your case on August 28th. We’ll get the subpoenas out so we can get the information on those bonds because you’ve got the information now and we can go after the criminals that embezzled from you.

Unfortunately this never happened because Secret service agent Roger Kirby never got back to me and the US attorney’s office told him not to. They told him that legally by law they cannot investigate my embezzlement case because there’s identity theft involved with it and it has a statue of limitations.

I have a breach of fiduciary with my trust fund at Melton’s law firm in Greenwood Mississippi and Floyd Melton Jr is the trustee of my trust. Floyd Melton Jr and his family have had people on the inside of the bank working for them for over 20 years helping Melton’s Law Firm embezzle from their client’s Trust and estates.

I found my money and I want to file a civil suit and get my money back but the US attorney’s office don’t want to have them indicted because they’re trying to protect them by not having them investigated by the Secret Service.

So instead the Secret Service never got back to me. The end result was me having to contact Roger Kirby’s Superior. I didn’t even get an apology or anything like that from Mr Kirby for going behind my back and talking about my BREASTS! C’EST LA VIE I GUESS THAT’S JUST HOW THE SECRET SERVICE ROLL…..

Secret Service Agent Roger Kirby likes to talk about my breast. How many more Sexual Predators are there in the Secret Service?

I’m going to keep pushing through with my case! the sexual harassment I received from the Secret Service will not stop me from getting these people indicted! My embezzlement case stems into four different states and there are a lot of people that are going to be indicted! They’re not going to use my mother’s name in identity theft anymore and I’m going to get my assets back that we’re Embezzled!

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Please stay tuned because I have more blogs coming in the near future.

I always like to inform people on what’s going on with my embezzlement case. My embezzlement case is the whole reason I’ve been receiving Psychic Attacks from people that are trying to kill me for their friends that are organized criminals that run the judicial system in Greenwood Mississippi.

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