I am a sexual assault survivor and I was harassed by Eliza Bleu Twitter fan base

This is the profile picture for the Twitter account called WhiteSpir1t that harassed and belittled me on a thread of comments along with other fans of Eliza Bleu

I was harassed by a human trafficking survivor and her fan base on Twitter. The human trafficking survivor I was harassed by with her fans is Eliza Bleu.

Eliza Bleu lives in Starbase, Texas and currently I live in South Florida. I’m not quite sure who the person is behind the profile picture that I shared at the top of this blog but whoever it is they support former President Donald Trump and Eliza Bleu. Below here is a screenshot of the harassing comment made to me about not being raped when I was 9 and 10 years old.

Here is the tweet made by Eliza Bleu Twitter fan base.

WhiteSpir1t said I can be claiming all kinds of sort of things that just can’t be true because I don’t have proof of being abused as a child.

Well abusing a child and raping a child are different from each other. I want to make sure we all understand this. I was raped. The pedophile that raped me did not physically abuse me.

The false claim made about me never being raped when I was 9 and 10 years old is another example of misinformation coming from someone who supports Trump. Trump’s allies and Trump supporters love misinformation especially misinformation about Trump not losing the election.

Donald Trump lost the 2021 election to Biden and that’s a fact, but people can’t move on from that and anyone that opposes Trump and is supposedly supposed to be on the left is attacked and harassed. Especially the sexual assault survivors and I am proof of that it happens.

I was raped when I was 9 and 10 years old by my psychiatrist in Greenville Mississippi. My mother was taking me to the psychiatrist for ADHD. When I was alone in his office talking to him he would give me some sort of sedative to drink in a cup before our session started.

Once our session started after I drank the liquid in the cup he gave me. Then I would slowly passed out in his office on a lounge chair that was similar to a couch. I would wake up periodically during the session to him raping me. Whatever kind of sedative he gave me it really knocked me out while he was raping me.

I remember times waking up to seeing his penis in my face or him with his mouth on my vagina. Other times I would wake up and he would have his penis out of his pants beating It off. This is the man that was supposed to be helping me with my psychiatric disorder which my mother said I had.

I contacted the Greenville Mississippi Police Department because I got the courage to finally let them know that I was raped when I was 9 and 10 years old by an individual that lives and works in Greenville Mississippi.

The Greenville Mississippi Police Department refused to help me with my claim that I was raped when I was 9 and 10 years old by a man that’s a psychiatrist in Greenville Mississippi. Instead I wrote a review for Police Department because this is the only thing that I knew I could do. Here’s a review I wrote for their Police Department.

Here is the link to my review for the Greenville Mississippi Police Department https://g.co/kgs/4h8yeU

I can’t go to the Attorney General’s office or the FBI and asked them to help me investigate the man who raped me when I was a child, because I have asked them multiple times to help me with an embezzlement case that I have in Greenwood Mississippi with white collar attorneys that are friends with Donald Trump and they refuse to help me.

The FBI and the Attorney General’s office in Jackson Mississippi refuse to help me with my breach of fiduciary I have with my trust fund so why should they want to help me when I was raped when I was 9 and 10 years old? That’s why I haven’t contacted them about being raped by a pedophile.

Why should I when they don’t want to help me with my other case. When the Secret Service helped me and they have information to bring up charges on the White Collar attorneys involved with my embezzlement case and that are using my mother’s name with identity theft. These same White Collar attorneys are good friends with Donald Trump.

Eliza Bleu does not take responsibility for her fans harassing me and belittling me on her Twitter feed. She never apologized to me and showed any type of compassion for me and I am sexual assault survivor. Instead she blocked me! Yet I did apologize to her when she made fun of how I state Rand Paul name backwards because I’m dyslexic.

Eliza Bleu would much rather block me and act like I am the harasser then comment back to any of the comments I made towards her on her Twitter feed then don’t let me stop you.

I am officially blocked by Eliza Bleu, the human trafficking survivor that had her Twitter fan base harass me and belittle me when I spoke about being raped when I was 9 and 10 years old. That says a lot about her doesn’t it?

Sexual assault and human trafficking victims are broken physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. These men and women need healing in many areas and by harassing and belittling the victims doesn’t provide the help victim of rape, human trafficking and sexual assault need to recover.

Harassing a victim of sexual assault and belittling them with your Twitter fan base either intentionally or unintentionally is not in the anyway form or fashion healing to that victim.

I did not talk to Eliza in any way that was harassing to her. Yet she claimed I harassed her. I want to share with you my comment to her and would you please let me know if you think this is harassing her? Thanks.

I was not harassing Eliza but because her Twitter fan base support Trump she’s not going to support me regardless if I’m a sexual assault survivor.

Here is the original comment made by Eliza that I commented on Twitter.

I did not harass Eliza Bleu and I was courteous enough to say please to her. I’m going to share my comments and then you can decide if yourself if I harassed her which I did not, but misinformation is very important with her thread and so is with Donald Trump who most of her Twitter fans support!

Once I started talking about Donald Trump passing Virginia Roberts Giuffre on to Ghislaine Maxwell so she could then pass Virginia on to Epstein after she had her way with her. I was quickly blocked by Eliza.

Virginia has stated in the past before that “madam” Ghislaine Maxwell, recruited her into Epstein’s sex trafficking operation when she worked as a locker room attendant at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-largo in 1999. So Donald Trump passed Virginia onto a Madam. The last I checked that would be human trafficking passing on a young girl onto other people so they can rape her and sell her.

Virginia was only 15 years old when Donald Trump passed her on to Ghislaine Maxwell. Donald Trump has even claimed that he banned Epstein from Mar-A-Lago for making unwanted sexual advances towards the underage women there, but the New York times reported a different reason as to why they stopped speaking to each other.

It’s been reported that Epstein and Trump stopped speaking to each other because of a real estate battle for a Palm Beach property that Trump won. In return their real estate battle went bad between the two friends which resulted in them not speaking to each other. When I tried to talk to Eliza in the comment about being asked to procure girls for Trump and his friends. Then I was quickly blocked by Eliza Bleu.

Ghislaine Maxwell is a pedophile just like Jeffery Epstein. She raped young girls and she trafficked those girls on to Epstein. Who would rape them together sometimes with Maxwell. Then they were traffic the girls together on to Donald Trump’s friends. Donald Trump was a Democrat before he was a Republican and he was very good friends with other Democrats before he ran for office as a Republican President.

When I pointed out to Eliza Bleu that Trump was involved with passing Virginia Roberts Giuffre on to Epstein. She quickly blocked me.

Donald Trump was most definitely involved with human trafficking Virginia Giuffre. How could he not be when Virginia stated she was passed on from him to a pedophile and the pedophile is friends with Donald Trump and she was also friends with Jeffery Epstein.

Trump and Epstein we’re very good friends. Yet Eliza’s fan base still want to try to instill in anyone and everyone that Trump hated Epstein.

Here is a Quote from a New York Times article called 👇

Jeffrey Epstein Was a ‘Terrific Guy,’ Donald Trump Once Said. Now He’s ‘Not a Fan.’

The article went on to say, “It was supposed to be an exclusive party at Mar-a-Lago, Donald J. Trump’s members-only club in Palm Beach, Fla. But other than the two dozen or so women flown in to provide the entertainment, the only guests were Mr. Trump and Jeffrey Epstein ” Here is the article about Trump and Epstein’s friendship 👇 https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/09/us/politics/trump-epstein.html

Eliza Bleu supports Donald Trump and so does Rand Paul. I don’t support Trump but I used to believe it or not because I am a republican, but then I got to understand better that Trump is just an organized Criminal and all his friends are mostly organized criminals just like he is.

Regardless if Eliza Bleu and her fan base support Trump and they told me that I was never raped when I was 9 10 years old. I know that I was raped. That’s what’s important to me regardless if they care or not. Which obviously they really don’t care and it’s just a show that they put on for everyone to see you on Twitter.

They put on this big show that they really care about sexual assault survivors human trafficking victims and child porn that’s being shown on Twitter, but I’m a sexual assault survivor and I was ridiculed and belittled by these so-called people who say they care. Their actions towards me spoke loudly. It’s all a big lie and it’s all a big show. Put on by people who support Donald Trump.

I received Psychic Attacks from John Cena.

John Cena on the Howard Stern Show with Sirius XM on August 2006.

This blog is about psychic attacks that I received from John Cena. If most of you don’t know who John Cena is he is an american professional wrestler, actor and he has been a television presenter. He’s wrestled for WWE part-time and is the current host of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? On Nickelodeon.

The first time I met John Cena was early 2005. I met John Cena in a strip club in Memphis Tennessee called Platinum Plus. John Cena came in by himself and was sitting at a table with a married couple. At this time of my life I was a topless dancer working at Platinum Plus in Memphis Tennessee.

I sat at a table with John Cena and the married couple on John’s lap. I said “Hi, John how are you? and I started up a conversation with him. As the time went by John asked me a very personal question before he left.

I don’t know. I guess I was making John horny and I was not touching his penis at the time when I sat on his lap. I was just talking to him. I’m assuming I made him horny or he was just attracted to the way I looked because he made an advance on me and asked if he could fuck me after I got off work that night.

I was very surprised when he made advances towards me like this. I just met him and he already wanted to put his dick in me. I had just got married and I told John “I’m so sorry, but I won’t be having sex with you tonight because I just got married.”

Here’s a Blog that I wrote about the Psychic Attacks I received from my ex-husband who was trying to get a green card off me in Memphis Tennessee. I refused to have sex with John Cena because I recently married my ex-husband who was just using me to get a green card. Here is a blog I wrote about Psychic Attacks with my ex husband & Chris Cuomo. Please check it out want you? Thanks! 👇 https://psychicmediumjanepaixao.com/2020/07/11/psychic-attacks-with-my-ex-husband-and-chris-cuomo/

The look on John’s face was not a nice look. He actually was very upset with my response towards him and his advances towards me. I got up from the table and went to the bathroom and came back to his table after giving him my response. I sat back down on his lap and he told me with a smart ass grin on his face.

No problem. “I just had a really great conversation with the married couple here at the table with us” and “I said oh that’s great.” Then John Cena said “I’m going to be moving along now. It was nice meeting you Jane.” After that he left the table and went to the bathroom himself.

After he left the table the married man leaned over to me and with a big grin on his face told me do you have any idea what’s going to happen when me and my wife leave here together? I looked at him confused and said no I don’t understand what you’re talking about. The married man looks so happy and said I’m going to watch John Cena fuck my wife 😃.

I was very taken back when he told me this. So John Cena wasn’t trying to really get to know me he just wanted to use me as a quick FUCK for his penis. He came into the strip club looking for sex and he thought I guess he thought I was an easy target. I would not know. I guess I should be honored that a celebrity would be attracted to me, but he just made me feel like a piece of meat.

As time went by my mother passed away August 25th 2006 while she was under the care of organized criminals that were helping her to embezzle from my trust in Greenwood Mississippi. I do suspect she was murdered while she was under their care because of her involvement in the embezzlement with my trust.

As well John Cena came out with a new movie in 2006 called The Marine right after my mother passed away from a heart attack.

One of the individuals she was involved with in the embezzlement of my trust was helping her use another person’s social security number to open up a fraudulent bank account and then she embezzle bonds that I had in my trust with a Marine and his wife who is Chinese. I’m not saying that this has anything to do with John Cena’s new movie but how ironic is that?

As time went by I wrote a fan letter to John Cena. I reminded him in the letter where I originally met him. I asked him in a letter if he would help me start a court case with money that I need to start the court case. I explained in the letter that I had over four million dollars in my assets embezzled from my trust fund and I really needed money badly for an attorney to file an embezzlement recovery case.

So essentially I was writing John a letter asking for his help and if he could please loan me money so I could hire an attorney to start a case for a breach of fiduciary of my trust I had at Melton law firm in Greenwood Mississippi. Floyd Melton Jr helped my mother embezzle from my trust. My mother started embezzling from my trust in 2001. So a lot has accumulated over the past 20 years since the embezzlement has started.

I also told John in the fan letter I sent him that I’m publishing my father’s biography because his life was slandered and fabricated and I wanted people to know the real truth about what happened in his life and how he was really murdered. My dad’s good friend William Eggleston slandered my father’s life and unsolved murder for money. So I asked John if he would please help me with money so I could start my court case to stop a man from fabricating my father’s life for money.

John Cena responded to my letter by pulling my energy out of my body. I was not as lucky as some of his other fans. He received my fan letter February this year. At times when he would pull my energy out of my body because of the energy exchange I would remote view him and I would also remote view his boss Vince McMahon because of the energy exchange and President Donald Trump and his kids.

I also remote viewed John having sex with his Irani girlfriend on one occasion. They were making love standing up. John was getting her from behind while they were standing up.

As well I remote viewed him practicing in the gym in the wrestling ring. On many occasions I remote viewed John Cena and his boss Vince McMahon who is good friends with Donald Trump. I guess you could say Vince McMahon owns John Cena’s Ass.

So if I ask John Cena for help and I’m trying to put organized criminals in prison and have them indicted that are very good friends with the President Trump. Do you think John Cena’s going to help me. He didn’t help me. Instead he targeted my energy body. Not only did he Target my energy body. I also astral projected to John’s ex girlfriend’s house Nikki Bella and witnessed a very shocking scene playing out between John Cena and his ex Nikki Bella and another woman in March 2020.

It was 5:00 a.m. in the morning and I am assuming Artim was not home with Nikki because I did not see Artem at the time hanging out with the three. Around this time I astral projected to John Cena and where he was located at the time. It was right before Nikki & Brie Bella released their new book “Incomparable”.

I’m assuming the reason John was around Nikki at that time was because he was editing her book about stuff she said about her relationship with John when they were together. I astral projected to Nikki Bella’s house and witnessed John sitting on her couch watching Nikki completely naked with her butt up in the air and another woman pointing her finger at her vagina that was raised up in the air from behind.

I did not see Artem, Nikki’s husband anywhere around. I was in shock and in disbelief when I saw what I saw. I remember the colors of her wall and what was going on and I could even smell her vagina. It didn’t smell that hot to me actually and I was very repulsed by what I was witnessing.

I don’t know any of these people and I’m thrown all up into the mix as if like fuck me! They don’t give a shit about me! I felt like I was being treated like shit. John Cena’s not going to help me because his Ass is owned by Vince McMahon and he’s friends with President Donald Trump. President Donald Trump’s who has been trying to kill me with Psychic Attacks. So do you really think that John would have helped me? No he wouldn’t and his actions towards me spoke loudly.

John Cena has to portray a certain image. He likes to portray the hero part for his fans. You see this in this YouTube video 👇 https://youtu.be/0f1szretn8E

John Cena want’s his Fans “Never Give Up”.

Can you see this Hero image he tries to portray? I can. He wants to be that positive role model for people and he wants people to always remember Never Give up!

You are my Fan! Dear John……

Don’t worry John I’ll never give up regardless if you and your friends Target me with psychic attacks. I will not give up because I found my money that was embezzled from my trust fund and I’m not going to let a law firm use my mother’s name with identity theft anymore regardless if the White Collar Attorneys are friends President Donald Trump.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my blog about psychic attacks I’ve been receiving from John Cena. Please don’t be a victim of psychic attacks. Learn to protect your energy feel from people who want to Target you for their benefit.

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United States Secret Service Agent Roger Kirby likes to talk about my BREAST!

This is U.S. Secret Service Agent Roger Kirby who supports organized crime in Mississippi and protects the President’s Organized Criminal friends from being indicted for the embezzlement of my trust.

My name is Brenda Paixao and I am a victim of a Breach of Fiduciary with my Trustfund. The trustee, Organized Criminal Floyd Melton Jr , who was over my trust embezzled over 4 million from my trust fund with the help of Trustmark Bank , my mother who had guardian of light of my trust in Greenwood Mississippi and a woman who is a career Criminal helped her use her social to open a bank account up at Trustmark bank to embezzle from my trust.

I’ve been trying to have the Secret Service investigate my case because I have a lot of leads in my case that would help to indict the people that embezzled from my Trustfund over $4 million in World War II series EBonds.

The US attorney’s office in Oxford Mississippi informed the Secret Service Agent to stop the investigation with the embezzlement with my trust. There is no statue of limitations with embezzlement in the state of Mississippi, but yet the Secret Service said there is a statue of limitations with the identity theft that’s associated with my case. Therefore they will not be investigating my embezzlement case associated with my Trust.

Can you please give me your opinion? what do you think? Do you think that’s legal? I don’t think it’s very legal. I think it’s them trying to protect organized criminals that are politically connected and are good friends with the President. That’s what I think. I’m the victim here! I should be protected! I should have the support from the Secret Service and the US Attorneys office but I don’t have that!

I have over the past five and a half years been going through major Psychic Attacks with Hindu witches putting demons on me and celebrities and a Pop singer targeting me with Psychic Attacks. All these people are friends with President Donald Trump and all these people want me dead because they know I’m going to indict their friends that they’ve known a while that they met through Donald Trump and they don’t want that!

So instead they’ll try to take me out stop the investigation on my case and make it look like there never was one. Wash their hands of everything once I’m dead and then they’re happy Campers.

This is how the Secret Service are protecting them by not investigating my case. Not only that Secret Service Agent Roger Kirby who was investigating my case called my sister and talked to my sister about my breast to her. Afterwards my sister called me and asked me why I was talking about my breast to a secret service agent.

I was very taken back and surprised that the agent would talk about my breast too my sister. In my opinion this is very unprofessional and the agent has committed misconduct. He also caused a rift between me and my sister. Not only that my sister’s one of the people that’s involved in the embezzlement of my Trustfund. So the Secret Service Agent Roger Kirby is going behind my back and making fun of me to the criminals that are supposed to be indicted.

That’s right my sister’s involved in the embezzlement with my trust because her name is on the bank statement with my mother’s name when my mother used another person’s social security number to embezzle from my trust with the help of Organized Criminal Shriner Attorney Floyd Melton Jr.

I never received an apology from Secret Service Agent Roger Kirby because he had the need to talk about my BREAST to my sister. What I want to know is what in the hell do my BREAST have to do with the investigation with the embezzlement of my trust? Not a goddamn thing, but yet Secret Service Agent Roger Kirby had to speak about my breast.

Are there sexual predators in the Secret Service? It sure looks that way to me the way to me. I was treated like SHIT by the Secret Service Agent. That’s not the half of it! Secret Service Agent Roger Kirby lied to me as well. He said I’ll get back to your case on August 28th. We’ll get the subpoenas out so we can get the information on those bonds because you’ve got the information now and we can go after the criminals that embezzled from you.

Unfortunately this never happened because Secret service agent Roger Kirby never got back to me and the US attorney’s office told him not to. They told him that legally by law they cannot investigate my embezzlement case because there’s identity theft involved with it and it has a statue of limitations.

I have a breach of fiduciary with my trust fund at Melton’s law firm in Greenwood Mississippi and Floyd Melton Jr is the trustee of my trust. Floyd Melton Jr and his family have had people on the inside of the bank working for them for over 20 years helping Melton’s Law Firm embezzle from their client’s Trust and estates.

I found my money and I want to file a civil suit and get my money back but the US attorney’s office don’t want to have them indicted because they’re trying to protect them by not having them investigated by the Secret Service.

So instead the Secret Service never got back to me. The end result was me having to contact Roger Kirby’s Superior. I didn’t even get an apology or anything like that from Mr Kirby for going behind my back and talking about my BREASTS! C’EST LA VIE I GUESS THAT’S JUST HOW THE SECRET SERVICE ROLL…..

Secret Service Agent Roger Kirby likes to talk about my breast. How many more Sexual Predators are there in the Secret Service?

I’m going to keep pushing through with my case! the sexual harassment I received from the Secret Service will not stop me from getting these people indicted! My embezzlement case stems into four different states and there are a lot of people that are going to be indicted! They’re not going to use my mother’s name in identity theft anymore and I’m going to get my assets back that we’re Embezzled!

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Please stay tuned because I have more blogs coming in the near future.

I always like to inform people on what’s going on with my embezzlement case. My embezzlement case is the whole reason I’ve been receiving Psychic Attacks from people that are trying to kill me for their friends that are organized criminals that run the judicial system in Greenwood Mississippi.

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Rebekah Jones likes to target me with Psychic Attacks

Photo of Satanic Rebehak Jones with her Satanic friends. I have remote viewed three of these people in this photo because of the forced energy exchange between me and Rebehak.

This blog is about how I’ve been receiving Psychic Attacks from Satanist Data Scientist Rebehak Jones from Wiggins Mississippi. She’s been targeting me with Psychic Attacks for organized criminals at Melton Law Firm in Greenwood, Mississippi, that embezzled millions of dollars from my trust and use my mother’s name in an identity theft ring. One of those organized criminals that has diligently been working with her helping her target me with Psychic Attacks is Dr. John M. Trotter.

Dr. John Trotter was my mother’s doctor when she died of a heart attack on August 25, 2006. Supposedly my mother died of a heart attack, but I suspect she was murdered while she was under the care of these organized criminals because before she died they were helping her to embezzle from my trust. After she passed the organized criminals left no record that I ever owned Bonds in my trust that she was embezzling with the help of Melton Law Firm.

Dr. John Trotter is the brother of Organized Criminal Lisa Trotter Melton. Here is a photo of Dr. John Trotter with his White Collar Attorney father Cham Trotter 👇 These organized criminals are running the judicial system in Greenwood, Mississippi, but I plan to put a stop to it ASAP.

You can learn more about Organized Criminal Dr. John Trotter on this link 👇 https://psychicmediumjanepaixao.com/2020/08/23/dr-john-m-trotter-md-facc-fsci-likes-to-target-my-body-with-psychic-attacks/

Rebekah is an American whistleblower and geographer who specializes in Geographic Information System data science. She was also fired from her job at Florida State University for having an affair with one of her students. While she having an affair with the PhD student she was an instructor in 2017.

This is Rebekah Jones data scientist arrest photo from Tallahassee, FL.

Her affair ended with three arrest, revenge porn and cyberstalking cases against her as her claim of a pregnancy. You can read about it here on this link 👇 https://expressdigest.com/married-florida-data-scientist-who-was-fired-had-an-affair-with-student-and-was-arrested-three-times/.

Rebehak Jones Mug Shot
Rebekah Jones Mug Shot

Over the past 2 months going on 3 months I have been receiving quite a bit of psychic attacks from Rebehak Jones. Some of those Psychic Attacks consists of her astral projecting to where I live. I would see her in astral projection form and sometimes see her kids astral projecting to where I live as well. While she was in the astral realm coming to my property she would project her ugly negative energy towards me where I lived at those times.

Other times she would just pull my energy out of my body from a distance through the negative energetic attachments that are attached to my energy body. These negative energetic attachments were put on my body by Psychic Medium John Edward, but just recently his close friend Chris Cuomo enabled this connection between me and her through the negative energetic attachments attached to my energy body.

So in other words Chris Cuomo was originally the one that brought her into my life around May 22nd, 2020. You can read about how she originally came into my life in a Blog I wrote it on this link 👇 https://psychicmediumjanepaixao.com/2020/06/27/chris-cuomo-cristina-cuomo-like-target-my-energy-body/

I thought it was about time to talk about her again because just recently it really jerked me when I could feel her energy and Dr. John Trotter’s energy with her while she was pulling on my energy out of my body during one of her targeted psychic attacks for organized criminals in Mississippi.

Who knew that Rebekah Jones is a Satanist? She sure is a Satanist that worships Satan. I’ve been receiving massive Psychic Attacks from many Satanist and most of them are self-identified Vampires and some Catholics over the past five and a half years.

What made me aware of the fact that she had to be a Satanist was when I noticed Rebekah Jones in this Satanist Josh Fox Show from New Orleans and Brooklyn New York. He interviewed Rebekah Jones on his Staying Home with Josh Fox show. Here is a screenshot of his Twitter page that Rebekah follows 👇

As you can see Josh is a Satanist.
Below here is a video of satanic data scientist Rebekah Jones being interviewed by Josh Fox
Josh Fox interviewing Rebekah Jones.

I for one was not impressed with the interview, but hey not much impresses me about overweight Satanic Rebehak Jones. What compels people to look into what she’s trying to feed you and believe on Twitter it is beyond me. As long as these celebrities and people of power are promoting Satanist like this one then our country is going to be fucked. They don’t care about us they care about chaos, they care about themselves and hurting other people to get what they want.

I’ve been having Satanist try to kill me for over five and a half years going on 6 years. The scary thing about it is that these people are targeting my energy body for Presbyterians and Catholics and some of the people targeting me with Psychic Attacks are Catholics.

So this concludes my blog. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Be sure I will keep everyone posted about any more psychic attacks that I received from people trying to kill me.

Please don’t be a like me, a victim of psychic attacks. You can also find me at Pinterest at this link https://Pinterest.com/energypredators or you can follow me on Twitter at this link https://Twitter.com/psychicmediumjf Learn to protect your self from Energy Predators and people who are targeting you with Demons and Psychic Attacks

Dr. John M. Trotter, MD, FACC, FSCI likes to target my body with Psychic Attacks

Here is a photo of Dr. John M. Trotter with his Organized Criminal family from Greenwood and Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

This is a blog about how Organized Criminal Dr. John M. Trotter has been targeting my body with Psychic Attacks. Dr. John Trotter is a Mason and is a Cardiologist from Fairhope Alabama. He is a native of Greenwood, Mississippi and he’s also involved in an Organized Criminal Enterprise that’s running the judicial system in Greenwood Mississippi. Not only is he involved with an organized criminal Enterprise. He’s involved in an embezzlement case with my trust fund that is a Breach of Fiduciary with my Trustfund.

My Breach of Fiduciary is with Melton Law Firm in Greenwood Mississippi. My sister and my mom were involved with Organized Criminals Floyd Melton, Jr. After my mom died August 25th. Lisa Trotter Melton, her husband, and her brother Dr John Trotter embezzle the rest of my bonds from my trust with the help of Judge Barnwell and Trustmark Bank in Mississippi.

I have been receiving Psychic Attacks from Dr. John Trotter for almost six years now. The Psychic Attacks started in January of 2015 when he started working with a Psychic Medium from Long Island, New York namely John Edward. He worked with John and John helped him Target my energy body with demonic entities and by pulling my energy out of my body through negative energetic attachments.

You can read about the Psychic Attacks that I started receiving from John Edward starting in January 2015 at this link 👇 https://psychicmediumjanepaixao.com/2018/05/05/understanding-cord-attachments-and-my-dream-meeting-with-psychic-medium-john-edward/

Dr. John Trotter has been trying to kill me because I’m going to have him and along with his sister, his brother-in-law indicted. His brother-in-law’s father and many other people are involved with them in a Breach of Fiduciary with my the embezzlement of my Trust and identity theft case involved with my trust fund that was once held at Melton law firm in Greenwood Mississippi and Trustmark Bank.

Dr. John Trotter and his family started embezzling from my trust 20 years ago around 2000 to 2001 and they have accumulated a lot of criminal activity over the 20-year time period up to now. Can you imagine because these people are career criminals and I’m not the only person that they have stolen fro. They steal from all their clients if they see a open door to do that.

I know John very well because I went to school with him in Greenwood Mississippi at Pillow Academy. He and I are the same age. I remember him very well in high school because he mostly hung out with a gay guy whose name is Gip Clark. I always suspected that John was a gay man, but later he got married. Dr. John Trotter is still friends with Gip Clark who lives in New York where my identity theft case stems into.

I decided to write a book about my mother’s involvement with their Organized Criminal Enterprise and how I suspect she was murdered by Dr. John Trotter when she was under their care on August 25, 2006.

My mother took another person social security number in 2001 and opened up a bank account at Trustmark bank with the other person’s social security number. She started embezzling from my trust fund with that other person’s social security number with the help of Trustmark Bank and White Collar Attorney Shriner Floyd Melton, Jr. The people that were helping her Embezzle from my trust are mostly Masons.

I would like to show you the photo I am going to use on the cover of my mother’s biography that I’ll be publishing next year. It will be her biography and a true crime publication at the same time. My mother died of a heart attack while under the care of Dr. John M. Trotter.

Be sure you can read all about Dr. John Trotter’s involvement with my mom’s heart attack in her biography. What do you think about the photo below of my mother that I’m using on the cover of her biography? I love it! It’s taken from the film stranded in Canton by William Eggleston. Please check it out want you. Thanks! 👇

Photograph by William Eggleston taken from his film Stranded in Canton.

The whole reason I’ve been receiving all these Psychic Attacks is because these people murdered my mother and now they think they can kill me to. They are narcissists and sociopath that think they are untouchable. They’re all politically connected organized criminals

If there is anyone wondering. I found the money that they embezzled from my trust fund. luckily I have the social security number that my mother was using and the lady’s name who is involved in the identity theft with the embezzlement of World War two Series E bonds from my trust.

You can read about the person that embezzled my bonds on this link on a Blog I wrote called Sandra Kay Hayes embezzled World War Two Series E bonds from my trust with my mother 👇 https://www.janeflowers.net/post/sandra-kay-hayes-embezzled-world-war-2-series-e-bonds-from-my-trust-with-my-mother

It’s a great blog and it tells you all about the woman that embezzled from my trust and was helping my mother by letting her use her social security number to open up a bank account at Trustmark Bank in Greenwood, Mississippi.

later my mother would lose her life while she was under the care of these organized criminal she was working with to embezzle Millions from my trust. After her death the organized criminals embezzled the rest of my bonds and left me no record that I ever own World War II Series E Bonds in my trust regardless or not if my mother verbally told me I owned under 5 million dollars in World War two Series E Bonds in my trust.

Dr. John Trotter and his sister Lisa Trotter Melton together are involved in the embezzlement with my trust fund and they have gone to great lengths trying to kill me.

I have been receiving Psychic Attacks from Dr. John M. Trotter and his family and friends since January of 2015 and I want you to please check out the next blog after this one because I’m going to talk more about how I have been receiving Psychic Attacks from John Trotter in another blog.

I believe these people think that they are untouchable because they use their political and celebrity connections they have to try to kill me and had their former Computer programmer Organized Criminal Derry Johnson send me a death threat verbally.

The Psychic Attacks with Dr. John Trotter started in January of 2015 and he had help from his brother-in-law Floyd Melton 3rd.’s good friend Organized Criminal Hindu Suresh Chawla and some Hindu Witches who worked with Psychic Medium John Edward to Target my energy body with demonic entities and Psychic Attacks. Organized Criminals Hindu Dinesh Chawla and his wife Parveen Chawla also targeting me with Psychic Attacks with Dr. John Trotter.

Some of the organized criminals that were letting my mother use Sandra Kay Hayes social security number are from Long Island, New York where Psychic Medium John Edward resides. They’re quite a few people that have been helping John Edward and Dr. John Trotter target my energy body with Psychic Attacks that are from Long Island, New York.

The verbally death threat I received from Derry Johnson over the phone was essentially to scare man stop me from pursuing him and the organized criminals he’s involved with with a breach of fiduciary with my trust fund at Melton’s Law Firm.

Derry wanted me to know that they were going to kill me if I try to get my money back that they embezzled from my trust. He also told me that he stopped working for their Law Firm Floyd Melton’s Law Firm in 2008.

These people were embezzling from my trust from 2000 up to and after my mother died from a heart attack in 2006 and in 2008 Lisa Trotter Melton and her brother Dr. John Trotter purchased millions of dollars in residential and commercial property. This Is How they are laundering their money. They are buying property to launder the money.

These Crooks think they are untouchable because they are politically connected and have had help from people in politics and from celebrities who are trying to kill me by targeting me with Psychic Attacks.

Many of their friends are people associated in politics who have been trying to help them target me with psychic attacks. I am a targeted individual on a daily basis because I am trying to have multiple people indicted and sue them to get money back that they embezzled from me.

I have no problem and going after these people and sueing them because they’re not going to stop trying to kill me until I’m dead. Here is a photo of Floyd Melton’s daughter in George Bush’s presidential office in Texas.

Organized Criminal Dr. John Trotter’s neice Anne Craig Melton.

And yes I have received Psychic Attacks from Annie Craig Melton to. I have negative energetic attachments to every person in this family because they were put on my body by energy worker Pychic Medium John Edward. These people mentioned in my blog from Greenwood Mississippi have been working diligently with Crooks in New York to have them Target my energy body with Psychic Attacks.

They’ve also been working with Crooks in Midland Texas where the Bushes reside to Target my energy body was Psychic Attacks. The Trotters and the Melton’s are big fans of the bushes in Texas. There is an individual from Midland, Texas who’s been helping them Target my energy body with Psychic Attacks and that individual is actor Jackson Rathbone.

Jackson Rathbone is a self-identified vampire who doesn’t want people to know that he is one. I blogged about the psychics that I received from him. You can read the blog here at this link called Energy Predator Astral Vampire Lestat DeLioncourt likes to pull my energy thru cords of attachments 👇 https://psychicmediumjanepaixao.com/2019/01/23/energy-predator-astral-vampire-lestat-delioncourt-likes-to-pull-my-energy-thru-cords-of-attachments/

I have also received Psychic Attacks from Parveen Chawla’s friend in Austin Texas who’s a Hindu. I’m going to refrain from saying his name, but I will say his name will be mentioned in my mother’s biography because I’m going to talk about all the Psychic Attacks these people have been targeting me with over the past five and a half years in her biography called My Mother, the Blood Sacrifice for the Illuminati.

All these people are politically connected with the President, but wait it gets better. Suresh Chawla voted for Hillary Clinton before he donated to President Donald Trump’s campaign and yes I have felt President Donald Trump’s energy through those negative energetic attachments because he and his kids have also been helping Dr. John Trotter Target me with Psychic Attacks.

Up until recently I didn’t realize what Derry Johnson meant by him telling me that they were going to kill me if I try to get my money back that they embezzled. Now I understand because there is a shitload of people helping these people try to kill me. Below here is a photograph of Organized Criminal Korean Derry Johnson who is originally from Pennsylvania 👇

Above here is Organized Criminal Derry Johnson. His name is also linked to my grandfather’s address in Greenwood Mississippi. He registered his Lincoln Town car to his address in 2008 and 2007. The World War II Series E Bonds have my grandfather’s address listed on the bonds embezzled from my trust.

Psychic attacks and demonic entities are nothing to play around with and this is how these people are trying to kill me. If they cannot get to me physically with their hands which I’m sure they would not hesitate in any moment to put a bullet through my brain if they could they’re using energy to Target my body and Demons.

They conspired together and murdered my mother and got away with it and now they think they can murder me and get away with it just like Derry Johnson said to me, “Even if I get my money back. They’re still going to kill me”. Well isn’t that interesting! They’re still going to kill me per Derry Johnson if I get my money back. Damn if you do damn if you don’t. So I guess I just have to keep going after my money they stole from me 🤣😂😃.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. You can also find me on Pinterest at “Energy Predators”. I have boards that talk about the Aura, Cords of Attachments, and Energy Predators Just follow this link 👇 https://Pinterest.com/EnergyPredator

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I channeled the late former New York Governor Mario Cuomo’s spirit three times.

Mr. Cuomo with Representative Edward I. Koch in 1977 before I debate between the memorial hopefuls. Photo by William E. Sauro taken from the New York times.

This blog is about my experience with channeling former New York Governor Mario Cuomo on three different occasions. If you don’t already know who he is. He is Mario Matthew Cuomo, American politician who served as the 57th governor of New York for three terms from 1983 to 1994 and my name is Jane Flowers and I am a clairvoyant medium.

Mario Cuomo died January 6, 2015 and he is currently buried at St John’s cemetery in New York, NY. Mario Cuomo died in his home in Manhattan when he was the age of 82 years old. Mario’s Family confirmed his death, which occurred hours after his son Andrew M. Cuomo was inaugurated in Manhattan for a second term as the governor of New York. The cause of his death was termed heart failure.

I did not intentionally channel this person to come to me. I feel and my intuition tells me that he was possibly sent to me or he just came to me because I am an open channel sometimes for spirits or at least I have been told this by another medium. I was told by another medium that I know that I need to close myself off a lot more because I’m to open two to other spirits coming through to me.

Truthfully I don’t understand what she meant by that, but I do know she meant well. The person that told me this was a South African Psychic Medium from Rutherford, New Jersey. Her name is Lee VanZyl . She did a cord removal for me on my crown chakra of my head and she also attuned me for my Reiki master license in March of 2017.

While I was there for the two or three days with Lee I actually saw her father standing in a ghostly apparition behind her just to her right. Lee’s father was also a clairvoyant medium from South Africa as his daughter is a clairvoyant medium.

When I saw Mario Cuomo’ ghostly spirit. He came through to me on three different occasions. They were usually late afternoon early evening when he came through. He always would be standing looking downwards and he was wearing some kind of what look like to me a casual suit of sorts. I was kind of taken back when I saw him.

I was more taking back when I saw him than any other Spirit I had ever seen because of the energy that he put off. The energy that I was feeling from his Spirit was something that was vampiric. I have seen people that have crossed over in complete form standing up close to me to where I can visually see what they have on and feel their emotional energy so this was definitely not the first time for me to see something like this in my mind’s eye.

The emotional energy that I felt from Mario Cuomo was something that I would definitely say was vampiric, but he also gave off a sweet kind and loving emotional energy towards me. I never felt anything negative about him when he came through to me. Every time he came through he was also looking downwards and was standing straight up. I’ve only had one spirit that I saw that was sitting down they came through to me and my friend because it was my friend’s mother and that was in 2015. The other spirits I have seen that have come through have always been standing up.

As well I’ve never had a Spirit come through to me three times in a row. This really makes me think that Mario Cuomo ghostly spirit was sent to me. Now I’m going to get off the beaten path and talk about how Chris Cuomo, Mario’s son has stated that he saw his father’s ghostly aspiration and that it haunted him when he was recovering from the coronavirus staying up all night with fever-induced hallucinations.

I remember seeing a video when he spoke about this to the social media when he was sick with the coronavirus in April this year. Below here is a link to the video where Chris says that he saw his father’s ghostly aspiration when he was recovering from the coronavirus. He stated his father was standing in his room verbally talking to him as he has stated on CNN’s Closing Arguments on a segment called Counting Blessings Amid Battle with Coronavirus.

You can watch the live video here of Chris speaking to people about his experience with staying up all night with 103 and 104 degree fever with Rigors which caused him to chip has teeth in this clip recorded and shared on Twitter by journalist Aaron Rupar.

Chris Cuomo talking about chipping his tooth while recovering from the Coronavirus.

Chris called his experience with the Coronavirus a “Spooky Time.” well if Chris thinks it’s spooky seeing his father stand in front of him in a ghostly operation well welcome to the club Chris. You could be a clairvoyant medium to because I also saw your father standing in a ghostly aspiration where I reside.

Chris also stated that he cared enough not just to stay home, but to stay on our leaders to make sure that they’re doing everything they can to limit this; he said “I’m telling you this is the part of our lives we will live through and remember the most. How do you want to be remembered during this time?” I’m not sure Chris how do you want to be remembered during this time? This is a good question.

Chris stated this on The Washington Post article by journalist Allyson Chui called Shivering, hallucinating, beaten ‘like a pinata’: Chris Cuomo’s haunted night with Coronavirus dated April 2, 2020.

Here’s a link to the article called Morning Mix: Shivering, hallucinating, beating like a pinata’: Chris Cuomo’s haunted’ night with Coronavirus. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/04/02/chris-cuomo-coronavirus-symptoms/

Chris stated the 103 to 104 fever induced the hallucinations to cause him to see his father standing there in front of him in a ghostly aspiration. I think not. I think that his father did actually come through and if not I do know for a fact his father came through to me on three different occasions. I have been receiving psychic attacks and energy work without my consent onto my energy body by Chris and his family members since early week of April 2020, but I don’t think the psychic attacks really have too much to do with his dad coming through but who knows.

I would never call it a psychic attack when his father came through to me in spirit on three different occasions. The energy he put off was a loving energy. Chris should look into if he is a Psychic Medium because I definitely think that he was seeing his father come through to him in spirit and it was not all just a high fever induced hallucination but this just my opinion. I could be wrong.

I’m not sure if his father’s ever going to come through to me again in spirit. My ex-boyfriend’s grandparents came through to me in spirit in 2014 but they only came through once and that was it. I never saw them again, but it was the same situation as it was with Chris’s father they stood there before me with a blank stare on their face and I could feel their emotional energy and see what they had on and the colors of their clothes. There was never any verbal communication between us ever just. I can just feel the emotional energy they put off.

I was born with a gift. I am a clairvoyant medium. I accredit the fact that I’m a medium and this is the reason I was able to see his father come through to me. Chris stated his dad was talking to him and he was seeing people from college. I would like to know if these people from college were dead people as well or are these live people he saw. He wasn’t clarifying on that in his interview with CNN.

Chris also stated it was freaky and it may happen again. It may happen again! What are you talkin about it may happen again? How would you even know that it may happen again? What makes you feel that way Chris? Tell us is this the first time that you have seen your father in a ghostly aspiration before? We didn’t hear that part out of Chris’s mouth did we how many times he’s seen his father come through to him in spirit.

I believe 100% that Chris channeled his father, but please don’t get sleepless nights about my blog and my accounts of what happened. I definitely don’t want that.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Normally I blog about psychic attacks that I have been receiving from different people over the past five and a half years. This blog was out of the norm for me. I don’t normally talk about spirits that I have channeled.

If you want to keep up with me you can follow me on my Twitter page at this link 👇 https://twitter.com/janeflowers22

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Psychic Attacks with my Ex Husband and Chris Cuomo

This blog is about Chris Cuomo and my ex-husband Francisco Pazzini targeting me with psychic attacks.  If you don’t already know who Chris Cuomo is and who Francisco Pazzini is well then let me tell you about who they are.

Psychic Vampires Chris Cuomo and his wife Cristina Cuomo. Both of these people have been targeting my energy body through negative energetic attachments

Chris Cuomo is an Italian American television journalist who works for CNN. He’s also New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s brother and former New York Governor Mario Cuomo’s son. As well he is a Reiki Master that works with different kinds of energy.

Chris Cuomo is good friends with psychic medium John Edward. Both of them are only a year apart in age and both grew up in Queens, New York.

The first time that Chris Cuomo came into my life was around April 7th, 2020. When he came into my life he was also pushing energy into my body from his body and he was doing tantric energy work on my body. As well he would push Reiki fire into my body on different occasions without my permission.

At the time I was very surprised to see him because when he was pushing his energy into my body I was able to remote view him. At the time I became very horny and felt like having sex with this man because of the tantric energy work he was doing on my body. Tantric energy work can sometimes make the person very horny and want to have sex with the other person that’s doing the tantric energy work on them.

I was very very surprised when this person who I did not personally know and have never met in person was targeting my energy body. I knew who he was at the time because I just tweeted on his Twitter page a post about his friend John Edward targeting my energy body with demons and psychic attacks, but I did not know he worked for CNN and I didn’t even know who his brother was or his father.

Fransisco Forte’s Pazzini is my ex-husband. He is Originally from Sao Paulo Brazil. He comes from Italian decent.

This is a photo of my ex when he was young and had long hair down to his butt.

I met my ex husband at a gas station in Memphis Tennessee. I was with my friend at the time when I met him. She said she met him and she wanted to introduced him to me. We dated for six months and then he said if you love me you will marry me because my visa is almost expired.

He said he would leave me if I didn’t love him. I was heart broken by the thought of loosing him so I married him. The marriage was short lived because my ex moved to Pompano Beach FL. I begged him not to move, but he and his Lebanese, I suspect Terrorist, friend Charbel told me there’s nothing I can do. I was told that my ex was moving to Florida and I could stay in Memphis, Tennessee.

I was very confused and hurt when I heard this from husband. When you marry someone you’re not supposed to marry them and move away from the person you just married. I told him that I wasn’t happy about hearing this. So then I told him,”Well give me one month and I’ll pack up everything and I will move down to Florida and get an apartment and we will live together in the apartment.”

I packed up all my belongings and I moved to Florida to live with my husband. I did not travel alone down south. My ex-husband’s sister, Flavia, came along with me. As we rode down together she was snorting cocaine. I visually saw her put cocaine up her nose. This is my ex-husband sister. I don’t use drugs or drink alcohol FYI and I don’t condone illegal drug use either. My ex-husband sister left me once we arrived to Florida.

Shortly after I got to Florida I found out that my ex-husband was cheating on me with a Russian girl named Tatiana Korurnikova. I’m not really sure where he originally met her, but what I do know is that they got a job together to see each other every day all day long at a restaurant called Olive Garden. I went one evening when my husband was getting off work to see if I could take out food.

I noticed that my ex-husband was coming out with another woman and he was hugging and kissing on her. Me being his wife I freaked out and tried to run up to him. He push me on the ground when I approached. The police were called and they told both of us to go home. That was the end of our marriage because my husband moved out and he decided he wanted to separate and continue to complete is filing with immigration to get legal citizenship without living with me.

I waited about four or five months before I filled for a divorce thinking that my ex-husband would come back to me. I was very hurt and distraught about what happened with our marriage. later I decided to file for divorce around December 2005. I went to court for 3 months trying to get a divorce from my ex-husband in fort Lauderdale Florida. My ex-husband refused to give me a divorce.

Every time he came to court he told the judge that he was not sure if he wanted to divorce or not and he needed to think about this a little bit longer. He also said that he still loved me and didn’t know if he wanted to be with me and that’s why he didn’t know if he wanted the divorce or not. Regardless if I wanted the divorce that’s not what’s important here to him. What’s important is him getting his green card and staying with his Russian girlfriend. That’s what’s important to him.

I was later granted a divorce in February of 2006. I was thrilled and so happy when the judge granted me the divorce. My ex was not in the judge’s Chambers at the time when the divorce was granted. He opted not going to the final divorce hearing. Later a month after the divorce my ex called my mother March of 2006 and demanded that she give him my birth certificate. She told him not call her back and she hung up in his face. Six months later my mother would be murdered, I suspect, by organized criminals that embezzled millions of dollars from my trust fund.

This is the main reason I’m having all these psychic attacks, because organized criminals embezzled millions from my trust. These organized criminal run the judicial system in Greenwood Mississippi and are politically connected. They have been running an organized criminal organization in the Mississippi Delta for over 20 years and they see me as a threat and they want to stop me from having them indicted and put in prison.

So luckily I did get my divorce from my Ex and I learned a lesson from this. Don’t marry an immigrant that’s begging you to marry him because his Visa is going to expire. Don’t believe them when they say they love you. Only if you get pregnant with that person’s baby then go for it, but my ex-husband couldn’t have children. His sperm is no good from what he told me and I am his third wife. How many wives he has after me who knows.

Meanwhile I’m getting really bad psychic attacks from my ex-husband, My Ex’s Lebanese friend Charbel, Chris Cuomo and his family and Rebekah Jones. I was very surprised when the Psychic Attacks started because to think that these people would use my ex-husband against me to Target my energy body really surprise me. I guess the Italians like to stick together now don’t they Lol

So I said to myself this is odd. I’m having a Psychic Attack about two weeks ago on a Sunday with Chris Cuomo and Francisco Pazzini and Charbel. I was remote veiwing Francisco and his friend Charbel from what I was remote viewing reached out to Chris Cuomo and was telling him about me. This scared the shit out of me because my ex-husband doesn’t give a fuck about me or my family. So why is he talking to this man about me.

To make matters worse I suspect his family are terrorists. If you don’t believe that they’re terrorists then go look at his sister, Flavia’s Instagram page and what she looks like in her Muslim robes. Flavia married a gay man to get her immigration papers. She told me they don’t have sex but he’s getting her legal. Good 4u Flavia!

Flavia’s Instagram page.

Not only am I getting Psychic Attacks from these people also my social media account on Facebook was targeted by a hacker that told me on Facebook messenger not to talk about Rebekah Jones. The man that reached out to me used the same name to contact me on Twitter and Facebook. Is name is Ali Raheem. I suspect this is a fake name.

This Muslim is I suspect a terrorist and cyber Criminal. I suspect that he was working with Charbel who is my ex-husband friend that I personally know and Rebekah Jones who is also a cyber-criminal.

Rebekah Jones just moved from Tallahassee to Miami.

My ex-husband lives in Miami. I have negative energetic attachments with these people. I work with energy and I am a clairvoyant medium. I remote viewed these people quite often because of the energy exchange between us. These people do not care about my well-being much let alone if I am alive. These people have been targeting my energy body for their benefit and gain.

I remote viewed Chris Cuomo speaking to my ex-husband a few weeks ago, before July 4th. This is very scary to me that these people are in contact with someone who tried to get a Visa off of me by a fake marriage. These people don’t care about me and if they did they would not be targeting my energy body with psychic attacks and helping my ex-husband and his Lebanese friend charbel come into my energy field through negative energetic attachments. I am a victim of Psychic Attack.

Ali Raheem messaged me on Facebook around June 21st. Below here is his Twitter page he set up to comment on my Twitter page false claims and accusations while he curesed and belittled me.

Ali Raheem originally came on my Facebook page and told me not to talk about Rebekah Jones. Here is a screenshot from him coming on my Facebook page telling me what to do.

Ali Rahim is not a vet he’s a terrorist. He’s also cyber criminal like Rebehak Jones because he targeted my Facebook page.

This was around the same time I was receiving the psychic Attacks from my ex-husband. Ali Rahim told me on Facebook messenger not to talk about Rebekah Jones who lives in Washington DC.

Rebekah Jones is an American whistleblower and geographer who specializes in Geographic Information System data science. She also was fired from her job at Florida State University for having an affair with one of her students. While she had an affair with a PhD student she was an instructor in 2017. Her and her husband have been coming up into my energy with Psychic Attacks thru negative energetic attachments with these people.

This is Rebekah Jones data scientist arrest photo
She targeted Garrett Sweeterman and now she is Targeting me!

Rebekah’s affair she had with Garrett Sweeterman ended with three arrest, revenge porn and a cyberstalking cases against her as her claim of a pregnancy. You can read about it here in this link  https://expressdigest.com/married-florida-data-scientist-who-was-fired-had-an-affair-withttps://expressdigest.com/married-florida-data-scientist-who-was-fired-had-an-affair-with-student-and-was-arrested-three-times/

Shortly after I received the message on Facebook from Ali Rahim telling me not to talk about Rebekah Jones my Facebook page was targeted and I’m getting psychic attacks from Chris Cuomo and my ex-husband and my ex husband Muslim friend name Charbel. Are all these connected you might ask. Of course they are, because they all know each other. That’s how it’s connected.

I am a victim of Psychic Attacks and these people all are working together. They have communication between all of them. I don’t personally know any of these people I’ve never met any of them, but they’re all up in my energy feel like they think they have some right to be up all in my energy field. Wish they have no right without my permission to be up in my energy field.

If you think that you are a victim of Psychic Attack then don’t be scared. Reach out to an energy worker that can help remove those negative energetic attachments that those people have to your energy centers. Cord removal is the best thing that could ever happened to you and your energy field. You will feel like a new person with your life back let me tell you.

I one hundred percent suspect these people are intentionally targeting me with psychic attacks for organized criminals in Greenwood Mississippi that are politically connected that run the judicial system that use my mother’s name and estate with identity theft and have a breach of fiduciary with my trust fund. This is a fact!

I suspect these people are not going to stop targeting my energy body. I have accepted that and I’m okay with that, because it’s out of my hands and there’s nothing I can do about it so why worry about something that’s out of my control. Why let fear get the best of Me and upset my mental health.

When I can blog about what’s been happening to me with all these psychic attacks with celebrities and people in politics. Blogging is way better for me because it is grief therapy and helps me cope with all these psychic attacks I’ve been going through twenty-four hours a day for five and a half years.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Please don’t be a victim like me. You can also find me at Pinterest at this link https://Pinterest.com/energypredatorsor you can follow me on Twitter at this link https://Twitter.com/janeflowers22 Don’t be a Victim of Psychic Attack like me. Learn to protect your self from Energy Workers/Psychic Vampires and people who are targeting you with Demons

Chris Cuomo & Cristina Cuomo like to target my energy body

CNN Prime Time Journalist Chris Cuomo butt naked with his wife Cristina Cuomo doing yoga on Instagram.

This Newsletter has moved!If you would like to read this Newsletter then please follow this link below here to read it 👇