Chris Cuomo & Cristina Cuomo like to target my energy body

CNN Prime Time Journalist Chris Cuomo butt naked with his wife Cristina Cuomo doing yoga on Instagram.

This blog is about psychic attacks I’ve been receiving from Chris Cuomo and his wife. The Psychic Attacks started the first week of April this year with Chris and his wife. Above here is a photo of Chris Como and his naked backside of his body that was broadcast for the world to see on Cristina Cuomo’s Instagram Yoga Live Show. I for one am not a fan of her yoga shows and have never watched any of them. I read about this online. You can read also read about it online at this link πŸ‘‡

Chris Cuomo and his wife started targeting me with psychic attacks after I tweeted on his Twitter page about his friend John Edward targeting my energy body with psychic attacks.

If you want to read about the psychic attacks that I have been receiving from Psychic Medium John Edward who is Chris Cuomo’s good friend then you can read about them on the blog below here πŸ‘‡ on this link

I speak about the negative energetic attachments that Psychic Medium John Edward attached to my body in 2015. He with other people that he’s friends with that are New Yorkers mostly have been targeting my energy body with psychic attacks and demons for over five and 1/2 years.

As I was saying earlier I posted on Psychic Medium John Edward’s friend Chris Cuomo Twitter page and the next thing I know this man and his wife are all up in my energy feel with their different family members targeting my energy body along with Energy Worker Amber Nightingale.

These people are intentionally targeting my energy body for their gain because I don’t personally know any of them. I’ve never spoken to any of them and I didn’t give him permission to go up into my energy feel like they have been lately. When someone’s doing any kind of energy work to your aura and your body without your permission then they are a predator and they want something from you. It’s either your life, your money, or your energy. I would say it’s one of these three things.

In my case I am a victim because these people are working for organized criminals that are running the judicial system in Greenwood Mississippi that embezzled millions of dollars from my trust. Some of these organized criminals are Democrats. Most of them are Democrats like Chris Cuomo and his brother Governor Andrew Cuomo.

These organized criminals use my mother’s name and estate with identity theft. All the Psychic Attacks I’ve been getting were started because of my mother’s name being used with identity theft and these people using her name and the fact they don’t want me alive so they have people that are they are friends with helping them Target me with Psychic Attacks there by trying to kill me.

Recently the psychic attacks got out of hand because now Chris is all up in this new person’s energy field since May 22nd and I feel her and her husband’s energy at times through the negative energetic attachments attached to my body. I don’t know who she is personally, but he does. And what I mean by he knows her personally is that he really knows her very upset close and personal.

I did remote view Rebekah butt naked on a bed in front of Chris standing in front of her. Whatever he does in his past time behind his wife’s back is his business believe me, but it’s not fair to me I have negative energetic attachments with this man and now this woman. What I was remote viewing was quick and that’s all I saw.

The woman butt naked in front of Chris along with him in the bed room I was remote viewing and see and my mind’s eye was Rebekah Jones. Rebekah is an American whistleblower and geographer who specializes in Geographic Information System data science. She also was fired from her job at Florida State University vfor having an affair with one of her students while she had an affair with a PhD student and she was an instructor in 2017.

This is Rebekah Jones data scientist arrest photo

Her affair ended with three arrest, revenge porn and cyberstalking cases against her as her claim of a pregnancy. You can read about it here in this link πŸ‘‡

Over the last three months since I’ve been getting psychic attacks from these group of people recently this woman came into the mix because Chris Cuomo was and has been doing tantric energy work on her like he was doing to me. He doesn’t do any tantric energy work on me anymore as much as he was doing it before he met this woman after she got fired for being a whistleblower.

He and his wife Chris and his brother were all doing tantric energy work on my body at times off and on without my permission to work on my energy body. I don’t get tantric energy work done on my body with Rebekah Jones, but what I do get is to feel her energy which is not fair to me pushed up into my body through negative energetic attachments that Chris put and his wife put on my body and then I get to remote view her and Chris at times.

That’s right! I remote viewed her and Chris. I’ve only remote veiwed them together at one time. That one time was when I’m assuming he was doing tantric energy work on her body while she was laying on a bed while he stood in front of her. I was surprised when I saw this in my mind’s eye. Later when I looked into it who this woman was I found out it was Rebekah Jones.

Psychic Vampire Chris Cuomo and Whistle Blower Data Scientist Rebekah Jones

I was surprised when I saw what I saw with Chris and Rebecca. Then what I read about who Rebekah didn’t surprise me one bit that she would be laying naked spread eagle on a bed in front of Chris. What I remote veiwed didn’t last long. What I was visually seen in my mind’s eye was being shown to me for a short period of time.

I also found out that Rebekah likes to have affairs outside of her marriage. so this made sense to me because of what I was seeing would obviously be an afair. Now I can’t judge Chris and Christina’s agreement on what they have in their marriage when it comes to having sex with other people outside of the marriage. I’ve never met these people. As they have never met me either, but Chris Cuomo has been targeting my energy body now since the first week of April with psychic attacks through negative energetic attachments.

I blog about my psychic attacks because it helps me get over the grief that I have from multiple people targeting me by pushing their energy into my body through negative energetic attachments or targeting me with entities. I wonder sometimes will I always be a victim. I wonder to myself will I ever be able to stop these people from targeting my energy body for their gain.

It is sad when these people especially Chris Cuomo and his family are doing this for organized criminals. I have an identity theft case with my mother’s name and Estate and my Trust fund that stems into New York and look at this! Rebekah Jones is a Syracuse New York University graduate. Well how interesting is that! I currently have identity theft associated with my trust fund that stems into Syracuse New York right now! Meanwhile I’m getting my energy pulled out of my body by Chris Cuomo and his family that are from New York. Coincidence you say maybe. Maybe not.

In any case I will not stop my fight to stop these people from killing me with psychic attacks. I’m a fighter I don’t give up that easily as should you. Don’t be a victim of psychic attacks. Learn to protect yourself from people to Targeting your energy body for their selfish gain.

My blogs are to educate you about the fact Psychic Attacks are common with Judicial Corruption and especially with Crooks that are Politically connected that are organized criminals running the judicial system. Psychic attacks or very real within organized crime. Organized criminals use psychic attacks everyday to Target the person they’re trying to get.

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Energy Predator Sandy Anastasi needs your energy.

This is an over veiw of the Webinar posted on January 9, 2019 : Free Psychic Development QA with Sandy Anastasia found on this link πŸ‘‡

This is an over veiw of Sandy Anastasi’s Webinar she recently posted that speaks about her psychic development course she is having soon on intuition. She said she wants to help her students interpret their dreams.

First of all I would like to say that any person taking anything from this woman is just asking for trouble. What do I mean by trouble? The woman is an energy predator. She works with energy and attaches negative energetic attachments to people who are not even her students and if this happened to me it can and could happen to you, her student.

You can read about the dream meeting I shared with Sandy anastasi, Psychic Medium John Edward and Psychic Medium Jonathan Louis which resulted in energy draining negative energetic attachments. If you would like to read about the Dream Meeting I shared with Sandy Anastasi then just follow the link below πŸ‘‡

This dream meeting was orchestrated only to enslave me and my energy body with negative energetic attachment with Sandy and her co-worker Psychic Medium/energy worker John Edward. These cords of attachment were put on my energy body for one thing only and that is to pull my energy or to push their negative energy into my body through these chords of attachments.

Any person that pulls your energy through cords of attachments without your knowledge or permission is an invasive energy predator and all you are to them is their next meal ticket. So are you ready to start Sandy’s group with people from all over the world? And who knows who is in her group that is and could be an Energy Predator just like Sandy waiting to taste your energy field and enjoy pulling your energy 24 hours a day if they want through the cords of attachment they attach to your chakra points.

Yes, your chakras points are where the cords will be attached to. The main chakras points that Sandy will want to tap into on your body’s energy body is your third eye chakras and your crown chakras. I should know because this woman attached chords to those areas of my body as well my heart chakras and Solar Plex area.

She promises you psychic abilities and psychic skills. This is not a for sure thing if you will be able to speak to spirits or even be able to see the Aura. My opinion is that if you practice Transindental Meditation and you take note of how you breathe. Then this will help you become more of a Psychic and by getting closer to nature.

You don’t have to learn divination to be a Psychic and see spirits and converse with the dead. Sandy also teaches divination. All these courses can be accessed off the internet just by reading about what she teaches. There are many books on Psychic Development. Sandy is not the only one that teaches Psychic Development.

She says you can access her program anytime. Well same with Sandy. She can access your energy any time she wants with the negative energetic attachments she attached to your body’s energy field.

At 15:55 minutes into the Webinar Sandy said “her job is to make your learning as fun and as exciting as she can!” Is it fun and exciting to have an energy worker pull your energy out of your body through negative energetic attachments. I would think not! It might be for her and some of the energy predators that could be in her private group on facebook, but definitely not for you, her Victim/Target.

No one wants holes in their Aura and believe me when a group of people are pulling your energy we are talking about quite a bit of holes in your Aura. This is what happened to me by the hands of Sandy and a group of her coworkers. I received quite a bit of holes in my aura from them pulling my energy at different times through out the day and night.

At 17:46 minutes into the Webinar Sandy says “she wants you to do a telepathy exercise with your partner once a week. Which would involve about 15 minutes of your time then she Chuckles ha,ha,ha only 15 minutes”. She has your energy 24 hours a day but it’s just so funny because it’s only 15 minutes.

Give me a break! Do you want to do a telepathy exercise with someone pulling your energy? Well if you do then don’t let me stop you. Some people enjoy having an energy predator in their life, but believe me I am not one of those people and never will be.

At 18:06 minutes into the Webinar Sandy says that her Facebook group that she “wants you to join is private and if you have a dream you can put it on her Facebook group and if you have difficulty interpreting the dream then no problem. During the week all the other people in the a class will just pop in and put in the group their interpretation about your dream.” She says just “Pop in.” Astral project in sounds more like it. This woman wants to possibly share a dream with you and attach energetic chords to you as she did me.

I can dream walk myself and have been able to do this since 2004. And I can Astral Project and have been able to do this since I was 15 years old. I remember very well Sandy dream walking and coming into my dream in the first week of January 2015 around 2 a.m. in the morning. She held a ritual with two other psychic mediums in my dream and with their help this evil woman attached negative energetic cords of attachments to my crown and third eye chakras while sitting right next to the top of my astral body next to the top of my head.

After she attached these negative energetic attachments to my crown chakra points. I would feel a pull on my third eye chakras point when ever Sandy would pull on my energy. It is a painfull feeling and the area would itch. I would have pain in my crown chakras as well from her pulling my energy.

This woman needs nothing more than your energy and your money. You are all sheeples. Sandy says she is gifted and with the help of her guides she can literally reach through the computer and turn all the switches on you need to be a psychic.

Please give me a break. Sandy is gifted in pulling your energy and it sounds like to me she is insinuating she can come into your room because she is gifted and you don’t even have to give her permission to come in and she can come right through the computer and this is exactly what she could do. This woman will astral project to you and attach negative energetic attachments to you and she can attach negative energetic attachments to you even while you are attending her webinars right through her computer. This is a Fact! Energy Predators can do this. She even remarked this is so and believe me she means it.

She and any other energy predators in her group can and will attack your energy body/Aura. This is inevitable if you join her group. This is a warning to you. CAUTION! You will be the one who will be Sandy’s next victim.

As Lisa, Sandy’s co-worker, said to me after I asked a question in one of Sandy’s webinars. Lisa is going to respond back after my question, “okay , who is our next victim.” Yes, Lisa said I was a Victim and who is next. I am definitely a victim of Sandy’s energy Predator attacks on my energy field.

Sandy says that she wants her students to practice with their classmates. So they can pull your energy! Do you really think there will not be any energy predators in Sandy’s private facebook group. I can name one of Sandy students I am sure will be in her group who is an energy Predator. Amber Nightingale, who is a fake healer and works with energy and who is an energy predator will most definitely be in her private group. Amber is a perfect example of one Sandy’s former students, who works with energy, that is an Energy Predator. Below is a photo of energy predator Amber Nightingale.

Amber Nightingale at

Sandy talks highly of Amber. A woman who has put holes in my Aura and is an Energy Predator. Sandy uses Amber to hurt people if needed. How does she hurt people. She hurts people by pulling their energy out of their body through negative energetic attachments. There by putting holes in their Aura and stealing that person’s life force energy.

Sandy and Psychic Medium/Energy Worker John Edward used Amber to hurt me and pull my energy out of my body there by putting holes in my aura. Now do you want holes in your Aura? Hell no you don’t! Imagine holes in your aura from an energy Predator pulling your energy early in the morning so they can get that extra boost of energy to get their day going. Not to get your day going, but to get their day going. Because believe me. You will feel very tired with holes in your Aura.

Sandy states at 12 minutes and 35 seconds into her webinar that you don’t have to let that study partner into your room. She is exactly right because if they are an astral vampire like Sandy they don’t need your permission to come into your room. They can and will just enter into your house or room whether you like it or not.

At 28:25 minutes into the Webinar she says that people have come to her and have told her they have a feeling they are being watched and then she chuckles ha ha ha! And they turn around and there is no one there.”

Well you are being watched! That is the funny part about it to her and you don’t even know it! She and her medium/energy worker coworkers can easily put any lower level entity on you to watch you for them and attach it to the holes in your Aura that they made by pulling your energy so she may watch your every move as they have done to me.

At 30:25 minutes Sandy states “all of a sudden we are sensitive to energy. We are perceiving the person’s emotions.” This is the person pushing their emotions into you through the negative energetic attachments. You will also have changed emotions because of any lower level entity that could be attached to your energy body.

Astral vampires also dreamwalk and Sandy dream walks. Sandy says that her system teaches you the student how to control your psychic gifts. If anything, this is what she will do to you. She will control your energy, your psychic gifts and your emotions with her negative energetic attachments to your body. There by pulling your energy and pushing her negative energy into you through these chords. Sandy can mimic you and your energy once she has pulled your energy. She will also be able to use your psychic powers for her own evil wants and needs.

Now let’s say you get these cords of attachments with Sandy and other energy predators in her group. Do you even know how to get rid of these negative energetic attachments if you no longer want to be Sandy’s slave for her to steal your energy anytime she feels like it? Think about it. Do you know how to get rid of them?

It is not an easy process to have a cord removal but it can be done. I had chords that Sandy attached to my third eye and Crown chakras removed. This was one of the best days of my life when I had these cords removed. I will talk about my experience with this cord removal in another blog at a later date. You definitely don’t want to miss this story.

Now think about this. Sandy who is in astral vampire and dream walks and has dream meetings with people without their consent wants you to share your dreams with her on her private Facebook group with possibly other energy Predators. Are you ready to give this woman the satisfaction and let her know what you are dreaming and what you’re not dreaming. Would you be cool sharing dreams with someone that pulls your energy and puts holes in youreEnergy body. If they would do this to you. Then what the hell do you think they will do to you in and your dreams. It is a scary thought.

At 36:15 seconds Sandy states “that that morning meditations gives you so much more energy to meet the day with. This thing you do everyday gives you more energy and you will be delighted to do it.” This is not the case. Doing energy work gives you more energy. Chi Gong energy work if you do it in the morning we’ll give you more energy. Meditation does not give you more energy. Meditation calms the mind. Never let anyone tell you differently. When you meditate you will feel a calmness inside and as a whole.

Sandy is not teaching you to bring in energy to help you with your daily activities and if she would do this she would then speak about the different types of energy work that enable you to have more energy as your day goes by. Do not be deceived by this woman. She is out for one thing and one thing only that is your energy. No one needs an invasive energy predator in their life as well no one needs lower level entities attached to their energy body to watch their every move.

Learn to take care of your energy body. You only have one. So try to take care of it if you value your energy. If you want to read more of my posts about Energy Vampirism you can follow me at the link below. See you soon.

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The Demonic possession inflicted onto me by Medium John Edward and Medium Jonathan Louis was my wake up call.

Why would any person send Demons to another person to possess their body with out their consent? To hurt that person of course. This invasion by the Demon sent to your body is to cause harm to you of course as are most cases.

Medium/energy worker John Edward and Medium Jonathan Louis never conversed with me about the Demon they were sending to possess my body on January 11, 2015. They just did it anyway.

At the time of this Demonic Possession I was at home in my bedroom sitting on my bed meditating. I did not understand really what these Mediums intentions were with me at first when they came into my life over four years ago. I thought in the beginning maybe they wanted to be friendly with me until this Demonic possession took over my body. The Demonic possession was a game changer.

Things got even stranger at time’s when I would remote veiw John Edward spanking his Mr. happy. I would wonder to my self why am I seeing this? Why Me! What I was seeing made my jaw drop. I was very new to remote viewing so this took me back a little with surprise and then at other times I would remote veiw John engaging in sex with woman outside his marriage.

As Sexual as this man is this told me that John was definitely a Sexual Astral Energy Predator. I have negative energetic attachments to this man as well as I have them with John’s friend and business partner Psychic Development Teacher and Energy Worker Sandy Anastasi and her Student Energy Worker Amber Nightingale. After my first initial dream meeting in the first week of January 2015 with Sandy Anastasi, John Edward and Jonathan Louis. I later had a Demon sent to me to possess my body by John Edward and Jonathan Louis.

The Demon possession happened almost spontaneously as I sat in my Bedroom on my bed in full utter Demonic Possession. Why did this happen to me you might say? Because I was intentionally being targeted. I am intentionally targeted by Psychic Medium John Edward and Medium Jonathan Louis. Below is a representation of the Demon that was put on me in January of 2015.

During this possession I was a little scared. I never thought that there were famous Celebrity Mediums, that I did not know personally, that would try to hurt me and possibly kill me with Psychic Atracks and Demons.

Regardless of what was happening to me I tried to stay positive. So I worked through the possession as it went along. I sat up in my bedroom and saw another Demon at the time of the Possession that looked down upon me with an evil grin on his face and then he spoke out loud and directed his comment towards me.

He stated “Prana”. Prana means energy in Hindi. This possession wreaked of Hindus from Los Angeles. I was like “Wow! What is going on here. This Demon wants and likes my energy! This is not right. I want my energy. No Demon is going to take it way from me, but in the end it did.

As the Possession went on the Demon inside of me started to Communicate with me telepathically. It asked me three questions that told me that these Mediums have some kind of connection to a Family in Mississippi that embezzled over 4 million from my trust fund in 2007 and the same family that I suspect murdered my mother in 2006.

The first question the Dominic Entity ask me is did I want to hurt Dr. John McLean Trotter. The second question it asked me is if I wanted to hurt my brother Knox, and the third question it asked me is do I want to hurt the girl in Brazil that stabbed me with a knife 2 times in June of 2006.

I was very surprised when the Demon asked me these questions. It never once asked for an offering such as blood or anything of this nature. It just asked me three specific questions.

Mind you John and Jonathon sent these Demons to me while they were in Los Angeles. I have never personally known these two men nor did I ever tell them about any of these people that have been in my life. Why the hell were these people mentioned during the Possession by the Demon? Because John and Jonathon are working with some of them to hurt and possibly kill me with the Psychic Attacks.

I remarked back to the Demon that I don’t want to hurt Dr. John Mclain Trotter and then he said how about your brother, knox? I said “Love him” the Demon grinded a silly grin and left quickly and then the Demon asked what did I want to do to the girl in Brazil that had stabbed me with a knife to times when she tryed to kill me 2 months before my Mom died from a suspected heart attack by the hands of Dr. John Mclain Trotter. Sorry but I will just keep my response to myself. Some things are best left unsaid.

I was not prepared for any Demonic possession on January 11, 2015, but I followed through regardless because I felt I really had no choice in the matter.

To make a long story short I was able to remove the Lower Level Demon myself. I expelled this Lower Level Demon into the fires of Hell. It had been attached to my body for over two and half years almost three. Medium Jonathan Louis is not the only one that put Demons on me. He with another man who is from Los Angeles and is a Sorcerer. Put a very nasty Demon on me.

I went to have a cleansing from a Babalawo in Miami. He took off of me a Vampiric Demon. He even faught a type of spiritual war for me it seemed at the time. I was so grateful that this Babalao was trying to help rid me of these Demons and energy predators. These Demons that the Babalao took off my body, because it came in a pair, never returned back to me. The Babalao cast them out of my Body.

The Demon essentially looked like Dracula. He wore only a Black Cape that covered his whole body all the way up to his eyes. You could only see his eyes when he was around me. He knew I was trying to see what he looked like and he didn’t want to give me this satisfaction. He also had his concubines at his feet reaching up to him begging him not to go. His exit was very sentimental and dramatic might I say.

Then after he exited another Demon popped out of a portal it looked like to me. The Demon was in a fat sphere shaped ball that looked similar maybe to an evil fat looking Buddha, who’s physical body was circular in shape. It constantly laughed at me when it was leaving my body. Then it told me who sent him to me because I asked him”Who sent you to me?” just before he exited.

To have witnessed these Demons leaving my Body was incredible to me. I was astounded by what I saw. This was not in my mind. This was all around and me somewhat in front of me.

I have over the past four years had to remove Demon after Demon that has been sent to me to torment me and possibly kill me. These Demons after time if not removed permanently will somewhat mold into you as a person and your character and will feed off the person’s emotional energy.

They are easily attached to the body through holes in the Aura. These holes are week spots in the Aura, that are made because the persons had their energy pulled through negative energetic attachments that in return formed holes in the person’s Aura. When removing a negative energetic attachment you are left behind a hole.

This hole needs to be completely removed. This processes is a cord removal. You can cut cords any day of the week. But 9 out of 10 times because the cord was not removed completely it will just grow back and grow back even stronger. So this is why it needs to be completely removed.

I share blogs, essays, and articles on my Pinterest page about “Energy Predators”. You are more than welcome to stop by and check out my boards. I have many different boards that speak about Psychic Attacks, energetic attachments, the subtle body and the Aura. All of my accounts are factual and true. I never drink alcohol and I don’t use drugs. I like my brain and I don’t ever want to loose my mind to drugs and alcohol. So I stay sober. I am of very stable in my mind and at Peace with myself and the World around me. So if anyone thinks my accounts on my Blog are made up. Well they are not! Please don’t be a VICTIM like I am. Learn to protect your energy body. You only have one so take care of it.

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