I had a spiritual vision my Mother was going to Die

My Mom Brenda B. Flowers (I saw in my vision the same woman in this photograph)

This is a blog about me and my mom, Brenda Flowers. If you don’t already know who I am. I am Jane Flowers and my mom is Brenda Flowers. I am an Author, blogger and in my spare time I am a clairvoyant medium.

I want to share with you all a spiritual vision I had two weeks before my mother passed away from a heart attack. A spiritual vision is like you are watching something happen in front of you as clear as if you were seeing it on television. These visions present themselves to the mind’s eye in several different ways. They can be compared to dreaming because it looks like a dream ,but you see it when you are awake. They can be vivid and feel real because basically they are.

Spiritual visions are usually some kind of message or connection to something that’s happening elsewhere. People can sometimes be skeptical of these visions when they haven’t experienced them for themselves or when they don’t understand or recognize what the vision is telling you. My spiritual vision was without a doubt true and coming from a personal experience.

Currently I have Business Identity Theft with Melton’s law firm in Greenwood Mississippi and for twenty six years my mother was guardian of Litem over my trust that Floyd Melton Jr. handled. My grandfather passed away in 1981 and before he passed away he left me all of his assets in a trust fund that I had with Melton’s Law Firm.

My mother took a live person’s social security number that she got from Attorney Floyd Melton Jr, who is the owner of Melton’s law firm in Greenwood Mississippi. Together Floyd and with this other person’s social security number my Mom stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from my trust until she passed away in 2006 from heart attack.

After she passed away from a heart attack while under the care of the brother in law of Floyd Melton Jr.,Dr. John Trotter, Floyd Melton Jr. and his son attorney Floyd Melton 3rd. embezzled the rest of my assets from my trust fund. they gave me no record in my accounting that I ever own World War II Series E Bonds in my trust that my grandfather left me when he passed away in 1981.

They then made a fake will for my mother and filed it two weeks after her death. The new will made my little brother executor of her estate. Melton’s Law Firm did not contact any of the beneficiaries about the change of executor so we may contest if needed. Meanwhile Melton law firm left her estate open ten years after she passed away until my sister and I filed a motion in court to have it closed.

The same law firm refuses to give an accounting to my sister and I of our mother’s estate. We fought for an accounting in court for about three years all the way up to the Mississippi Supreme Court.

We tried to get an accounting of her estate, but unfortunately we lost our case with the Mississippi Supreme Court and just recently my sister and I found out that she was using this social security number to steal my assets from my trust. She opened up a bank account with Trustmark bank in Mississippi with the other person’s social security number and had the bank account joint with my sister and brother, Knox Flowers.

So my mother mishandled my trust fund and shortly after I suspect she was murdered by Dr. John M. Trotter, for her involvement in the embezzlement of my Trust and also because Attorney Floyd Melton Jr and his son Attorney Floyd Melton 3rd. wanted to steal the rest of the millions of dollars in World War two Series E bonds that were in my Trust because of their greed and stupidity.

Before my mother passed away from a heart attack on August 25th 2006 I was living in Brazil. I was traveling every month back and forth to Brazil. On one of my trips I was attacked by a girl who was drug addict and was trying to steal money from me. She stabbed me and then I went to the hospital. I was not able to return immediately back to America because I was recovering from the stab wound.

Then a week or so later in August of 2006 two weeks before my mother passed away from a heart attack I was walking up some stairs on the side of the duplex apartment I was renting. I was going up to see my friend who was a Police Officer that rented the other half of the duplex. My Police Officer neighbor was not in his apartment at the time when I got to the top of the stairs.

As I was midway up the stairs. I stopped in my tracks and I had a spiritual vision right in front of my face. I could not avoid it. It was like it was almost being sent to me. It was really scary for me at the time. I had never had anything happen like this to me in my entire life. It was like a drawing was on a transparent piece of paper, but the drawing was something that look like a real life photograph that was in front of my veiw. I could see everything in front of the transparent photo. I was heading in an easterly direction up the stairs on the side of the duplex. Below is a representation of how the stairs looked that I was traveling upwards.

Oil painting by Esther Deans

When I saw the vision I was not prepared for what I saw nor did I understand what I was seeing. I saw a woman’s face. She had short blonde hair, her eyes were closed, her mouth was closed and her lips were purple. The woman looked dead in my vision and she looked like my mother in the photograph at the top of this blog.

Something was telling me that my mother was going to be dead soon when I had this spiritual vision. I saw this vision 2 weeks before she passed away. I will always suspect that my mother was murdered for the assets in my trust. I truly feel that this vision that I saw was a message being sent to me. Telling me and warning to me that that she was indanger.

I was living at the time, when I had this vision, in Itabirinha, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Below is a photograph of the small town I reside in in 2006. The town is surrounded by huge rocks and Waterfalls on the out scirts of the town.

Itabirinha, Minas Gerais, Brazil
population 10,000

While I was living in Brazil I rode horses, traveled to different cities and learn to speak the language and learn about the Brazilian culture. I also attended Catholic churches and I went to Evangelica churches as well.

I just wish that I was able to interpret the vision that I had seen at the time so that I could have gone back home to America to stop what was about to happen to my mother. Who I suspect was murdered. I think that the vision that I had was telling me that my mother was going to die I needed to do something about it, but unfortunately at the time I didn’t understand what I was seeing so I could not address it properly.

Only recently in The last five years have I learned to understand how to use my psychic and Clarvoyant abilities and learn more about the spirit world itself. I never ever had another vision similar to this in my entire life.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience of having a vision of seeing my mother dead two weeks before she died from a heart attack. Who else wants to know when your mother or father is is going to die? Now how cool is that! Do you think you could mentally handle the knowing of when your love one is going to pass? You would definitely have to be a very mentally strong person I do believe.

While my mother was under Floyd Melton 3rd. and Floyd Melton Jr.s care they sent in the brother-in-law who is Dr. John McClain Trotter, a Cardiologist, who said she died of a heart attack. I suspect she was murdered and the Attorney’s brother in law took my mom out while she was under their care.

I may never know if my mother was truly murdered, but the way the things are playing out now currently with the Business Identity Theft and now finding out about another person’s social security number that my mom and Melton’s Law Firm we’re using makes me think that it’s highly possible that she was murdered and the vision that I was seeing two weeks before she died was a message to me letting me know that she was in danger.

I do hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Please don’t be a victim like me. You can also find me at Pinterest at this link πŸ‘‡ https://Pinterest.com/energypredators or you can follow me on Twitter at this link πŸ‘‡https://twitter.com/janeflowers22 Don’t be a Victim of Psychic Attack like me. Learn to protect your self from Energy Predators and people who are targeting you with Demons and Psychic Attacks.

Vampiric Psychic Attacks with Johnny Depp

Above is Johnny Depp when he was staring in the movie Dark Shadows

This blog is about my experiences with psychic attacks from Actor and musician Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp came into my life in 2016. He along with other celebrities and a pop star have been intentionally targeting me with Demons and Psychic Attacks.

When I first started to notice Johnny Depp was targeting me is when I would telepathically hear him speaking to Psychic Medium John Edward through negative energetic attachments I had to my body. You can read about how I got these negative energetic attachments at the link below called Understanding cord attachments and my dream meeting with Psychic Medium John Edward https://psychicmediumjanepaixao.com/2018/05/05/understanding-cord-attachments-and-my-dream-meeting-with-psychic-medium-john-edward/

Johnny Depp has been working with Psychic Medium Energy Worker John Edward and other people who are trying to kill me with Demons and by pulling my energy out of my body through negative energetic attachments for years now.

I even had a Vampiric Demonic entity removed from my body that Johnny put there. I will talk about this Vampiric Entity in another blog, but first I want to speak about my experiences with what I was seeing and feeling while I was receiving psychic attacks from Johnny Depp.

If you all don’t already know. I can remote view people and locations. I have been able to do this I think since about 2007. I love being able to remote view. My brain like many other people’s brains are able to do this and so much more if we could all just learn how to to tap into those psychic abilities we all have.

What really let me in on the fact that I was getting psychic attacks with Johnny Depp was when I remote viewed him having sex with his ex girlfriend Polina Glen. Yes Seriously I saw him banging his girl from behind Doggy Style during the daytime. I remote viewed them him having sex with her outside in the Bahamas. This was in 2016 and in that same year I had a Vampiric Demonic Entities Johnny put on me removed from my body by a Babalawo which I will speak about in another blog. Below is a photo of Polina Glen.

Polina Glen

Polina Glen is a Russian Choreographer and Go Go Dancer. Her romance with Johnny Depp has been kept out of the spot light until recently. I am sharing a link below that explains Johnny relationship with Polina better than I could. The Blog is called So Pojo was a GoGo after all. https://deppradarrum.home.blog/2019/11/17/so-pojo-was-a-gogo-after-all/

When I remote viewed Johnny and Polina having sex together I saw her with long black hair like in the photograph above. She was much shorter than Johnny and she looked somewhat like a Mexican girl. I was not sure of her nationality at the time until now. Now we all know from the announcement of her and Johnny’s relationship that she is Russian.

I have never met Johnny Depp in person nor do I plan on ever meeting him in person and I bet you are wondering why he would come into my life like he did. He came into my life because he is helping his friend Orlando Bloom and Orlando’s girl friend Katy Perry target me. This is why. They are all working together. This is a fact!

While I was receiving Psychic Attacks from Johnny I saw many lower level entities sent to me on one occasion. Afterwords I would later visit with a Babalawo and have a reading done. The Babalawo told me I needed to have a cleansing done because I had something bad on me. I agreed to do the clearing of my Aura and body of the Demon. He removed a Vampiric Demon off of my body and I will speak about the Demon and what it looked like and what I saw when it left my body in another blog. This is one interesting blog about Demons you will not want to miss. I promise.

These psychic attacks are happening for a reason. Everything happens for a reason. Unfortunately my intuition tells me that I am being targeted because Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp want to see me DEAD! How could these people not want this for me when they keep trying to kill me with Demons and by having energy workers pull my energy out of my body through negative energetic attachments?

I am not going to let people hurt me anymore with Demons and Psychic Attacks. I like many of you can learn to protect yourself from Energy Predators and people targeting you with Demons and lower level entities.

There are many ways to clear your Aura of Malevolent spirits. You can also follow my Pinterest page and my boards on Pinterest. I speak about the different ways to clear your Aura of Attachments on my Pinterest page. If anything if you are not able to clear the attachments from your body then you can easily go to a professional and have it done. I had to in the end do this and it is sometimes not cheap. Clearing entities off your body can be costly.

All the psychic attacks I have been going through have cost me allot of time and money. The people targeting could care less. These people have an agenda with my life and if you feel you are in similar shoes as me please don’t hesitate to protect yourself.

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The Demonic possession inflicted onto me by Medium John Edward and Medium Jonathan Louis was my wake up call.

Why would any person send Demons to another person to possess their body with out their consent? To hurt that person of course. This invasion by the Demon sent to your body is to cause harm to you of course as are most cases.

Medium/energy worker John Edward and Medium Jonathan Louis never conversed with me about the Demon they were sending to possess my body on January 11, 2015. They just did it anyway.

At the time of this Demonic Possession I was at home in my bedroom sitting on my bed meditating. I did not understand really what these Mediums intentions were with me at first when they came into my life over four years ago. I thought in the beginning maybe they wanted to be friendly with me until this Demonic possession took over my body. The Demonic possession was a game changer.

Things got even stranger at time’s when I would remote veiw John Edward spanking his Mr. happy. I would wonder to my self why am I seeing this? Why Me! What I was seeing made my jaw drop. I was very new to remote viewing so this took me back a little with surprise and then at other times I would remote veiw John engaging in sex with woman outside his marriage.

As Sexual as this man is this told me that John was definitely a Sexual Astral Psychic Vampire. I have negative energetic attachments to this man as well as I have them with John’s friend and business partner Psychic Development Teacher and Energy Worker Sandy Anastasi and her Student Energy Worker Amber Nightingale.

After my first initial dream meeting in the first week of January 2015 with Sandy Anastasi, John Edward and Jonathan Louis. I later had a Demon sent to me by John Edward and Jonathan Luis to possess my body.

The Demon possession happened almost spontaneously as I sat in my Bedroom on my bed in full utter Demonic Possession. Why did this happen to me you might say? Because I was intentionally being targeted. I am intentionally targeted by Psychic Medium John Edward and Medium Jonathan Louis. Below is a representation of the Demon that was put on me in January of 2015.

During this possession I was a little scared. I never thought that there were famous Celebrity Mediums, that I did not know personally, that would try to hurt me and possibly kill me with Psychic Atracks and Demons.

Regardless of what was happening to me I tried to stay positive. So I worked through the possession as it went along. I sat up in my bedroom and saw another Demon at the time of the Possession that looked down upon me with an evil grin on his face and then he spoke out loud and directed his comment towards me.

He stated “Prana”. Prana means energy in Hindi. This possession wreaked of Hindus from Los Angeles. I was like “Wow! What is going on here. This Demon wants and likes my energy! This is not right. I want my energy. No Demon is going to take it way from me, but in the end it did.

As the Possession went on the Demon inside of me started to Communicate with me telepathically. It asked me three questions that told me that these Mediums have some kind of connection to a Family in Mississippi that embezzled over 4 million from my trust fund in 2007 and have a breach of fiduciary with my trust. These same White Collar Attorneys also use my mother’s name with identity theft.

The first question the Demonic Entity ask me is did I want to hurt Dr. John McLean Trotter. The second question it asked me is if I wanted to hurt my brother Knox, and the third question it asked me is do I want to hurt the girl in Brazil that stabbed me with a knife 2 times in June of 2006.

I was very surprised when the Demon asked me these questions. It never once asked for an offering such as blood or anything of this nature. It just asked me three specific questions.

Mind you John and Jonathon sent these Demons to me while they were in Los Angeles. I have never personally known these two men nor did I ever tell them about any of these people that have been in my life. Why the hell were these people mentioned during the Possession by the Demon? Because John and Jonathon are working with some of them to hurt and possibly kill me with the Psychic Attacks.

I remarked back to the Demon that I don’t want to hurt Dr. John Mclean Trotter from Fairhope Alabama and then he said how about your brother, knox? I said “Love him”

Then the Demon grinded a silly grin and left quickly. Then the Demon asked what did I want to do to the girl in Brazil that had stabbed me with a knife to times when she tryed to kill me 2 months before my Mom died from a suspected heart attack by the hands of Dr. John McLean Trotter. Sorry but I will just keep my response to myself. Some things are best left unsaid.

I was not prepared for any Demonic possession on January 11, 2015, but I followed through regardless because I felt I really had no choice in the matter.

To make a long story short I was able to remove the Lower Level Demon myself. I expelled this Lower Level Demon into the fires of Hell. It had been attached to my body for over two and half years, almost three. Medium Jonathan Louis is not the only one that put Demons on me. He with another Sorcerer put a very nasty Demon on me.

I went to have a cleansing from a Babalawo in Miami. He took off of me a Vampiric Demon. He even faught a type of spiritual war for me it seemed at the time. I was so grateful that this Babalao was trying to help rid me of these Demons and invasive energy workers. These Demons that the Babalao took off my body, came in a pair and they never returned back to me. The Babalao cast them out of my body forever.

One of the two Demons essentially looked like Dracula. He wore only a Black Cape that covered his whole body all the way up to his eyes. You could only see his eyes when he was around me. He knew I was trying to see what he looked like and he didn’t want to give me this satisfaction. He also had his concubines at his feet reaching up to him begging him not to go. His exit was very sentimental and very dramatic might I say.

Then after he exited the second Demon popped out of a portal it looked like to me. The Demon was in a fat sphere shaped ball that looked similar maybe to an evil fat looking Buddha, who’s physical body was circular in shape. It constantly laughed at me when it was leaving my body. Then it told me who sent him to me because I asked him”Who sent you to me?” just before he exited.

To have witnessed these Demons leaving my Body was incredible to me. I was astounded by what I saw. This was seen in my mind’s eye. This was seen all around me with my eyes open and somewhat in front of me.

I have over the past four years had to remove Demon after Demon that has been sent to me to torment me and possibly kill me. These Demons after time if not removed permanently will somewhat mold into you as a person and your character and will feed off the person’s emotional energy.

They are easily attached to the body through holes in the Aura. These holes are week spots in the Aura, that are made because the persons had their energy pulled through negative energetic attachments that in return formed holes in the person’s Aura. When removing a negative energetic attachment you are left behind a hole.

This hole needs to be completely removed. This processes is a cord removal. You can cut cords any day of the week. But 9 out of 10 times because the cord was not removed completely it will just grow back and grow back even stronger. So this is why it needs to be completely removed.

I share blogs, essays, and articles on my Pinterest page about “Energy Workers”. You are more than welcome to stop by and check out my boards. I have many different boards that speak about Psychic Attacks, energetic attachments, the subtle body and the Aura.

All of my accounts are factual and true. I never drink alcohol and I don’t use drugs. I like my brain and I don’t ever want to loose my mind to drugs and alcohol. So I stay sober. I am of very stable in my mind and at Peace with myself and the World around me. So if anyone thinks my accounts on my Blog are made up. Well they are not! Please don’t be a VICTIM like I am. Learn to protect your energy body. You only have one so take care of it.

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I share blogs, essays and articles about Energy Vampirism and I talk about the Aura. If these topics interest you then please feel free to stop by my Pinterest page at Energy Workers. Just follow this link πŸ‘‡ https://Pinterest.com/EnergyPredator Don’t be a Victim of Psychic Attack like me. Learn to protect your self from Energy Workers/Psychic Vampires and people who are targeting you with Demons.