Rebekah Jones likes to target me with Psychic Attacks

Photo of Satanic Rebehak Jones with her Satanic friends. I have remote viewed three of these people in this photo because of the forced energy exchange between me and Rebehak.

This blog is about how I’ve been receiving Psychic Attacks from Satanist Data Scientist Rebehak Jones from Wiggins Mississippi. She’s been targeting me with Psychic Attacks for organized criminals at Melton Law Firm in Greenwood, Mississippi, that embezzled millions of dollars from my trust and use my mother’s name in an identity theft ring. One of those organized criminals that has diligently been working with her helping her target me with Psychic Attacks is Dr. John M. Trotter.

Dr. John Trotter was my mother’s doctor when she died of a heart attack on August 25, 2006. Supposedly my mother died of a heart attack, but I suspect she was murdered while she was under the care of these organized criminals because before she died they were helping her to embezzle from my trust. After she passed the organized criminals left no record that I ever owned Bonds in my trust that she was embezzling with the help of Melton Law Firm.

Dr. John Trotter is the brother of Organized Criminal Lisa Trotter Melton. Here is a photo of Dr. John Trotter with his White Collar Attorney father Cham Trotter 👇 These organized criminals are running the judicial system in Greenwood, Mississippi, but I plan to put a stop to it ASAP.

You can learn more about Organized Criminal Dr. John Trotter on this link 👇

Rebekah is an American whistleblower and geographer who specializes in Geographic Information System data science. She was also fired from her job at Florida State University for having an affair with one of her students. While she having an affair with the PhD student she was an instructor in 2017.

This is Rebekah Jones data scientist arrest photo from Tallahassee, FL.

Her affair ended with three arrest, revenge porn and cyberstalking cases against her as her claim of a pregnancy. You can read about it here on this link 👇

Rebehak Jones Mug Shot
Rebekah Jones Mug Shot

Over the past 2 months going on 3 months I have been receiving quite a bit of psychic attacks from Rebehak Jones. Some of those Psychic Attacks consists of her astral projecting to where I live. I would see her in astral projection form and sometimes see her kids astral projecting to where I live as well. While she was in the astral realm coming to my property she would project her ugly negative energy towards me where I lived at those times.

Other times she would just pull my energy out of my body from a distance through the negative energetic attachments that are attached to my energy body. These negative energetic attachments were put on my body by Psychic Medium John Edward, but just recently his close friend Chris Cuomo enabled this connection between me and her through the negative energetic attachments attached to my energy body.

So in other words Chris Cuomo was originally the one that brought her into my life around May 22nd, 2020. You can read about how she originally came into my life in a Blog I wrote it on this link 👇

I thought it was about time to talk about her again because just recently it really jerked me when I could feel her energy and Dr. John Trotter’s energy with her while she was pulling on my energy out of my body during one of her targeted psychic attacks for organized criminals in Mississippi.

Who knew that Rebekah Jones is a Satanist? She sure is a Satanist that worships Satan. I’ve been receiving massive Psychic Attacks from many Satanist and most of them are self-identified Vampires and some Catholics over the past five and a half years.

What made me aware of the fact that she had to be a Satanist was when I noticed Rebekah Jones in this Satanist Josh Fox Show from New Orleans and Brooklyn New York. He interviewed Rebekah Jones on his Staying Home with Josh Fox show. Here is a screenshot of his Twitter page that Rebekah follows 👇

As you can see Josh is a Satanist.
Below here is a video of satanic data scientist Rebekah Jones being interviewed by Josh Fox
Josh Fox interviewing Rebekah Jones.

I for one was not impressed with the interview, but hey not much impresses me about overweight Satanic Rebehak Jones. What compels people to look into what she’s trying to feed you and believe on Twitter it is beyond me. As long as these celebrities and people of power are promoting Satanist like this one then our country is going to be fucked. They don’t care about us they care about chaos, they care about themselves and hurting other people to get what they want.

I’ve been having Satanist try to kill me for over five and a half years going on 6 years. The scary thing about it is that these people are targeting my energy body for Presbyterians and Catholics and some of the people targeting me with Psychic Attacks are Catholics.

So this concludes my blog. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Be sure I will keep everyone posted about any more psychic attacks that I received from people trying to kill me.

Please don’t be a like me, a victim of psychic attacks. You can also find me at Pinterest at this link or you can follow me on Twitter at this link Learn to protect your self from Energy Predators and people who are targeting you with Demons and Psychic Attacks