Vampiric Psychic Attacks with Johnny Depp

Above is Johnny Depp when he was staring in the movie Dark Shadows

This blog is about my experiences with psychic attacks from Actor and musician Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp came into my life in 2016. He along with other celebrities and a pop star have been intentionally targeting me with Demons and Psychic Attacks.

When I first started to notice Johnny Depp was targeting me is when I would telepathically hear him speaking to Psychic Medium John Edward through negative energetic attachments I had to my body. You can read about how I got these negative energetic attachments at the link below called Understanding cord attachments and my dream meeting with Psychic Medium John Edward

Johnny Depp has been working with Psychic Medium Energy Worker John Edward and other people who are trying to kill me with Demons and by pulling my energy out of my body through negative energetic attachments for years now.

I even had a Vampiric Demonic entity removed from my body that Johnny put there. I will talk about this Vampiric Entity in another blog, but first I want to speak about my experiences with what I was seeing and feeling while I was receiving psychic attacks from Johnny Depp.

If you all don’t already know. I can remote view people and locations. I have been able to do this I think since about 2007. I love being able to remote view. My brain like many other people’s brains are able to do this and so much more if we could all just learn how to to tap into those psychic abilities we all have.

What really let me in on the fact that I was getting psychic attacks with Johnny Depp was when I remote viewed him having sex with his ex girlfriend Polina Glen. Yes Seriously I saw him banging his girl from behind Doggy Style during the daytime. I remote viewed them him having sex with her outside in the Bahamas. This was in 2016 and in that same year I had a Vampiric Demonic Entities Johnny put on me removed from my body by a Babalawo which I will speak about in another blog. Below is a photo of Polina Glen.

Polina Glen

Polina Glen is a Russian Choreographer and Go Go Dancer. Her romance with Johnny Depp has been kept out of the spot light until recently. I am sharing a link below that explains Johnny relationship with Polina better than I could. The Blog is called So Pojo was a GoGo after all.

When I remote viewed Johnny and Polina having sex together I saw her with long black hair like in the photograph above. She was much shorter than Johnny and she looked somewhat like a Mexican girl. I was not sure of her nationality at the time until now. Now we all know from the announcement of her and Johnny’s relationship that she is Russian.

I have never met Johnny Depp in person nor do I plan on ever meeting him in person and I bet you are wondering why he would come into my life like he did. He came into my life because he is helping his friend Orlando Bloom and Orlando’s girl friend Katy Perry target me. This is why. They are all working together. This is a fact!

While I was receiving Psychic Attacks from Johnny I saw many lower level entities sent to me on one occasion. Afterwords I would later visit with a Babalawo and have a reading done. The Babalawo told me I needed to have a cleansing done because I had something bad on me. I agreed to do the clearing of my Aura and body of the Demon. He removed a Vampiric Demon off of my body and I will speak about the Demon and what it looked like and what I saw when it left my body in another blog. This is one interesting blog about Demons you will not want to miss. I promise.

These psychic attacks are happening for a reason. Everything happens for a reason. Unfortunately my intuition tells me that I am being targeted because Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp want to see me DEAD! How could these people not want this for me when they keep trying to kill me with Demons and by having energy workers pull my energy out of my body through negative energetic attachments?

I am not going to let people hurt me anymore with Demons and Psychic Attacks. I like many of you can learn to protect yourself from Energy Predators and people targeting you with Demons and lower level entities.

There are many ways to clear your Aura of Malevolent spirits. You can also follow my Pinterest page and my boards on Pinterest. I speak about the different ways to clear your Aura of Attachments on my Pinterest page. If anything if you are not able to clear the attachments from your body then you can easily go to a professional and have it done. I had to in the end do this and it is sometimes not cheap. Clearing entities off your body can be costly.

All the psychic attacks I have been going through have cost me allot of time and money. The people targeting could care less. These people have an agenda with my life and if you feel you are in similar shoes as me please don’t hesitate to protect yourself.

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Energy Worker Amber Nightingale likes to pull my Energy thru Negative Energetic Attachments

Energy worker Amber Nightingale

This Blog is about an Energy Worker that has been pulling my energy out of my body through negative energetic attachments now for 2 years.

I first encountered Amber Nightingale on the Social Media site Twitter a few years back. She and I were following Psychic Medium John Edward. I never thought anything much about seeing her tweet to Psychic Medium John Edward really until I would later remote view Amber on different occasions and feel her pulling my energy and feel her emotional energy being pushed into my body through negative energetic attachments that she had attached to my chakra points with the help of Energy Worker Sandy Anastasi and Psychic Medium/Energy Worker John Edward.

Sandy Anastasi is a Psychic Development teacher based in Sarasota and Port Charlotte, Florida that is originally from New York. Sandy anastasi used her former student. Energy Worker Amber Nightingale to target my energy body and put holes in my aura by pulling my energy out of my body through negative energetic attachments. Below is a video of Amber stating she is a graduate of the Anastasi System of Psychic Development

Energy Worker Amber Nightingale is a graduate of the Anastasi System of Psychic Development

Both Sandy and Amber work with energy. Sandy learned how to work with energy with her ex-husband John Mearz. John is a teacher in Florida that lives near Sandy.

I suspect Amber Nightingale was paid to attack me. Amber Nightingale attacked me with psychic attacks by pulling my energy out of my body.

She also had a psychic medium at Lily Dale in Lily Dale, New York target my energy field. One specific Medium that goes by the name Nate Riccio, that was at Lily Dale Assembly with Amber Nightingale helped her attacked with Psychic Attacks that are my family members and friends that are in spirit and are around my energy Field on the dates of late July 4 into the 5th, and 6 of 2018.

I am a clairvoyant medium and have been a medium since I was the age of 6 years old. I know my accounts to be true. I do not use drugs and I do not drink alcohol and are of sane mind.

I know for a fact that this woman has been intentionally targeting me. I know for a fact that when Amber Nightingale went into Lily Dale assembly to do her book signing of her book “Brave Soul” this past summer that she had a Medium that was attending Lily Dale help her at the same time attack me and my energy field.

While Amber was there she used two psychic mediums to attack me with Psychic Attacks, one was there at Lily Dale with her and the other Medium wasn’t at Lily Dale at the time, but yet they were both very aware of the attacks made towards me.

I messaged them and called them and left messages on their voicemail. They refused to respond back to me about their attacks upon my Energy Field. I originally payed Medium Chris DeSerio 200 hundred dollars for a workshop over the phone when I first made his aquantence. He used me for my money then later targeted me.

The Medium that attacked my Energy field with Amber at Lily Dale is Nate Riccio. He is a medium that is a student and doesn’t work at Lily Dale assembly. He helped Amber Nightingale attack my energy field while she was attending Lily Dale assembly last summer during her book signing.

Chris DeSerio is a Medium and boyfriend to Nate Riccio, that was aware of what was going on and he helped to secure the link between us four.

Amber Nightingale refuses to admit that this occurred. She has told people that I am crazy. This is always her excuse. “That I am crazy”. I am not crazy. I know what this woman has been doing to me. She has been doing these things because of reasons of her own and also I suspect she is getting paid to do so.

I just recently remote veiwed Amber in Los Angeles this January with Psychic Medium John Edward after he flew over to do his group readings like he always does in California every January. I am not sure where she was in Los Angeles but I do believe she was at the home of Katy Perry. I saw another Hindu girl with her at the time who is a friend of hers.

My intuition tells me that Amber could possibly be in a Cult of some sorts with other Hindu Indians. A Cult that Pop Singer Katy Perry is possibly orchestrating. Katy Perry also has negative energetic cords of attachments to my body’s chakra points and has been pulling my energy for sometime now. You can read about these negative Energetic Attachments I have with Katy Perry at the link below 👇

I have done nothing for these people to make them want to attack me with psychic attacks except be in there way and they want me completely gone. So I can get out of their way so to speak. I am a targeted individual. I am targeted for my Energy.

Can you imagine feeling someone’s negative nasty energy pushing into your body any time they feel like pushing it in to your body or that Energy Worker pulling on your Chakra points taking your energy out of your body and using it for their own.

It is very painful when you have a group of people pulling your Energy. Very painful in the Area they are targeting on your body. You may feel mental confusion, or an irregular heart beat, your eyes will have sensitivity to light and you are constantly very very tired. These symptoms never go away if the group of energy workers keep pulling your energy. It only gets worse. And then worse until you get sick and possibly very ill.

They will want to be close to you if possible. The closer they are to you the stronger the pull is on your Chakra pionts. I am only a 3 hour drive from energy worker Sandy Anastasi. This is very close. Amber comes to Florida on different occasions to visit with Sandy.

She also meets John at the Hotel at diferent occasions when his wife is not on the trip with him when he goes out of town to different states to do group readings because I have remote viewed this occurrence.

Sandy attached negative energetic attachments to my Chakra points in a dream I shared with her and Psychic Medium/Energy Worker John Edward and Psychic Medium Jonathan Louis. You can read about the dream meeting I shared with Psychic Mediums John Edward, Jonathan Louis and Psychic Development Teacher Sandy Anastasi at the link below 👇

Sandy is targeting me just as much as Amber is if not worse. Amber Nightingale is I suspect a slave in a Cult that is based in New York. My intuition and remote viewing as such has told me this is possibly the case. The negative energetic attachments I have to my body with Amber and John will alow me to remote veiw their actions.

In June of 2017 I remote veiwed John Edward having Sex with Amber Nightingale. This made me go throw up. It was very horrid what I was subjected to see in my minds eye.

Below is a photo of Amber with Self Help Guru Psychic Medium/Energy Worker John Edward. The two are Peas in a Pod don’t you think? Moving on now.

Psychic Medium/Energy Worker John Edward and Energy Worker Amber Nightingale

I was introduced to Medium Chris DeSerio, that assisted Medium Nate Riccio in attacking my energy field with psychic attacks with the help of Amber Nightingale, through Medium Lee Van Zyl in March of 2018.

I took a Reiki Master Class at the Mont Clair Psychic School in Rutherford New Jersey with Medium Lee Van Zyl and after her class she did a cord removal on my third eye and on my crown chakra points. Lee was more than kind to help me to remove the energy draining negative energetic cords of attachments. But one thing I am disappointed in is the fact she referred me to a Medium that initially hurt me and my energy field.

But Lee taught me in her classes to never ever let anyone into your energy field with out your permission. The person invaded into your energy field is intrusive and don’t allow it.

I never learned this from Psychic Medium Self Help Guru John Edward or Psychic Development Sandy Anastasi. How to protect myself from Energy Workers targeting you with psychic attacks is not something John Edward or Sandy teach their students.

But I did learn how to protect my energy by reading about energy workers and then taking action on how to protect my Aura by getting cord removals or taking a spiritual cleansing bath.

There are many ways to heal the Aura. I do hope you have enjoyed reading my blog and find it very informative. You can also find me on Pinterest at “Energy Predators. I have boards that talk about the Aura, Cords of Attachments, and Energy Workers just follow this link 👇

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Energy Worker Sandy Anastasi needs your energy.

This is an over veiw of the Webinar posted on January 9, 2019 : Free Psychic Development QA with Sandy Anastasia found on this link 👇

This is an over veiw of Sandy Anastasi’s Webinar she recently posted that speaks about her psychic development course she is having soon on intuition. She said she wants to help her students interpret their dreams.

First of all I would like to say that any person taking anything from this woman is just asking for trouble. What do I mean by trouble? The woman is an energy worker who targeted my energy filled with psychic attacks and she could very well Target yours is too.

She works with energy and she attaches negative energetic attachments to people who are not even her students and if this happened to me it can and could happen to you, her student.

You can read about the dream meeting I shared with Sandy anastasi, Psychic Medium John Edward and Psychic Medium Jonathan Louis which resulted in energy draining negative energetic attachments. If you would like to read about the Dream Meeting I shared with Sandy Anastasi then just follow the link below 👇

This dream meeting was orchestrated only to enslave me and my energy body with negative energetic attachment with Sandy and her co-worker Psychic Medium/energy worker John Edward. These cords of attachment were put on my energy body for one thing only and that is to pull my energy or to push their negative energy into my body through these chords of attachments.

Any person that pulls your energy through cords of attachments without your knowledge or permission is an invasive upon your energy field and all you are to them is their next meal ticket so to speak. Meaning if they want to they can feed off your energy field.

So are you ready to start Sandy’s group with people from all over the world? And who knows who is in her group that is and could be a Psychic Vampire that enjoys vamping people’s energy through negative energetic attachments. Just like Sandy waiting to taste your energy field and enjoy pulling your energy 24 hours a day if they want through the cords of attachment they could attach to your chakra points.

Yes, your chakras points are where the cords will be attached to. The main chakras points that Sandy will want to tap into on your body’s energy body is your third eye chakras and your crown chakras. I should know because this woman attached chords to those areas of my body as well my heart chakras and Solar Plex area.

She promises you psychic abilities and psychic skills. This is not a for sure thing if you will be able to speak to spirits or even be able to see the Aura. My opinion is that if you practice Transindental Meditation and you take note of how you breathe. Then this will help you become more of a Psychic and by getting closer to nature.

You don’t have to learn divination to be a Psychic and see spirits and converse with the dead. Sandy also teaches divination. All these courses can be accessed off the internet just by reading about what she teaches. There are many books on Psychic Development. Sandy is not the only one that teaches Psychic Development.

She says you can access her program anytime. Well same with Sandy. She can access your energy any time she wants with the negative energetic attachments she attached to your body’s energy field.

At 15:55 minutes into the Webinar Sandy said “her job is to make your learning as fun and as exciting as she can!” Is it fun and exciting to have an energy worker pull your energy out of your body through negative energetic attachments. I would think not! It might be for her and some of the other energy workers that could be in her private group on facebook, but definitely not for you, her Victim/Target.

No one wants holes in their Aura and believe me when a group of people/ energy workers are pulling your energy then we are talking about quite a bit of holes in your Aura. This is what happened to me by the hands of Sandy and a group of her coworkers. I received quite a bit of holes in my aura from them pulling my energy at different times through out the day and night.

At 17:46 minutes into the Webinar Sandy says “she wants you to do a telepathy exercise with your partner once a week. Which would involve about 15 minutes of your time then she Chuckles ha,ha,ha only 15 minutes”. She has your energy 24 hours a day but it’s just so funny because it’s only 15 minutes.

Give me a break! Do you want to do a telepathy exercise with someone pulling your energy? Well if you do then don’t let me stop you. Some people enjoy having a Psychic Vampire in their life, but believe me I am not one of those people and never will be.

At 18:06 minutes into the Webinar Sandy says that her Facebook group that she “wants you to join is private and if you have a dream you can put it on her Facebook group and if you have difficulty interpreting the dream then no problem. During the week all the other people in the a class will just pop in and put in the group their interpretation about your dream.”

She says just “Pop in.” Astral project into your home sounds more like it. This woman wants to possibly share a dream with you and attach energetic chords to you as she did me.

I can dream walk myself and have been able to do this since 2004 and I can Astral Project and have been able to do this since I was 15 years old.

I remember very well Sandy dream walking and coming into my dream in the first week of January 2015 around 2 a.m. in the morning. She with two other psychic mediums held a ritual in my dream and with their help this evil woman attached negative energetic cords of attachments to my crown and third eye chakras while sitting in astral projection form right next to the top of my astral body next to the top of my head.

After she attached these negative energetic attachments to my crown chakra point. I would later feel a pull on my third eye chakras point when ever Sandy would pull on my energy. It is a painfull feeling and the area it would itch when she was pulling on my energy. I would have pain in my crown chakras as well from her pulling on my energy.

This woman needs nothing more than your energy and your money. You are all sheeples. Sandy says she is gifted and with the help of her guides she can literally reach through the computer and turn all the switches on you need to be a psychic.

Please give me a break. Sandy is gifted in pulling your energy and it sounds like to me she is insinuating she can come into your room because she is gifted and you don’t even have to give her permission to come in and she can come right through the computer and this is exactly what she could do.

This woman will astral project to you and attach negative energetic attachments to you and she can attach negative energetic attachments to you even while you are attending her webinars right through her computer. This is a Fact! Energy Workers can do this. She even remarked this is so and believe me she means it.

She and any other energy workers in her group can and will attack your energy body/Aura. This is inevitable if you join her group. This is a warning to you. CAUTION!

As Lisa Freeman, Sandy’s co-worker, said to me after I asked a question in one of Sandy’s webinars. Lisa is going to respond back after my question, “okay , who is our next victim.” Yes, Lisa said I was a Victim and who is next. I am definitely a victim of Sandy’s Psychic Attacks on my energy field.

Sandy says that she wants her students to practice with their classmates. So they can pull your energy! Do you really think there will not be any energy worker in Sandy’s private facebook group. I can name one of Sandy students I am sure will be in her group who is an energy worker.

Amber Nightingale, who is a fake healer and works with energy will most definitely be in her private group. Amber is a perfect example of one Sandy’s former students, who works with energy, that is an Psychic Vampire. Below is a photo of energy worker Amber Nightingale.

Amber Nightingale at

Sandy talks highly of Amber. A woman who has put holes in my Aura and is an Energy Worker. I suspect Sandy uses Amber to hurt people’s energy field with Psychic Attacks if needed.

How does she hurt people. She hurts people by pulling their energy out of their body through negative energetic attachments. There by putting holes in their Aura and stealing that person’s life force energy.

Sandy and Psychic Medium/Energy Worker John Edward used Amber to hurt me and pull my energy out of my body there by putting holes in my aura.

Now do you want holes in your Aura? Hell no you don’t! Imagine holes in your aura from an energy worker pulling your energy early in the morning so they can get that extra boost of energy to get their day going. Not to get your day going, but to get their day going. Because believe me. You will feel very tired with holes in your Aura.

Sandy states at 12 minutes and 35 seconds into her webinar that you don’t have to let that study partner into your room. She is exactly right because if they are an astral vampire like Sandy they don’t need your permission to come into your room. They can and will just enter into your house or room whether you like it or not.

At 28:25 minutes into the Webinar she says that people have come to her and have told her they have a feeling they are being watched and then she chuckles ha ha ha! And they turn around and there is no one there.”

Well you are being watched! That is the funny part about it to her and you don’t even know it! She and her medium/energy worker coworkers can easily put any lower level entity on you to watch you for them and attach it to the holes in your Aura that they made by pulling your energy so she may watch your every move as they have done to me.

At 30:25 minutes Sandy states “all of a sudden we are sensitive to energy. We are perceiving the person’s emotions.” This is the person pushing their emotions into you through the negative energetic attachments. You will also have changed emotions because of any lower level entity that could be attached to your energy body.

Astral vampires also dreamwalk and Sandy dream walks. Sandy says that her system teaches you the student how to control your psychic gifts. If anything, this is what she will do to you. She will control your energy, your psychic gifts and your emotions with her negative energetic attachments to your body.

There by pulling your energy and pushing her negative energy into you through these chords. Sandy can mimic you and your energy once she has pulled your energy. She will also be able to use your psychic powers for her own evil wants and needs.

Now let’s say you get these cords of attachments with Sandy and other energy workers in her group. Do you even know how to get rid of these negative energetic attachments if you no longer want to be Sandy’s energy slave for her to steal your energy anytime she feels like it? Think about it. Do you know how to get rid of them?

It is not an easy process to have a cord removal but it can be done. I had chords that Sandy attached to my third eye and Crown chakras removed. This was one of the best days of my life when I had these cords removed. I will talk about my experience with this cord removal in another blog at a later date. You definitely don’t want to miss this story.

Now think about this. Sandy who is in astral psychic vampire and she dream walks and has dream meetings with people without their consent wants you to share your dreams with her on her private Facebook group with possibly other energy workers. Are you ready to give this woman the satisfaction and let her know what you are dreaming and what you’re not dreaming. Would you be cool sharing dreams with someone that pulls your energy and puts holes in you’re Aura? If they would do this to you. Then what the hell do you think they will do to you in your dreams. It is a scary thought.

At 36:15 seconds Sandy states “that that morning meditations gives you so much more energy to meet the day with. This thing you do everyday gives you more energy and you will be delighted to do it.” This is not the case. Doing energy work gives you more energy. Chi Gong energy work if you do it in the morning we’ll give you more energy. Meditation does not give you more energy. Meditation calms the mind. Never let anyone tell you differently. When you meditate you will feel a calmness inside and as a whole.

Sandy is not teaching you to bring in energy to help you with your daily activities and if she would do this she would then speak about the different types of energy work that enable you to have more energy as your day goes by. Do not be deceived by this woman. She is out for one thing and one thing only that is your energy. No one needs an invasive energy worker in their life as well no one needs lower level entities attached to their energy body to watch their every move.

Learn to take care of your energy body. You only have one. So try to take care of it if you value your energy. If you want to read more of my posts about Energy Vampirism you can follow me at the link below. See you soon.

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Comedian Self Help Guru Russell Brand likes to pull my energy thru cords of attachments.

This Blog is about an Energy Worker that is a famous Comedian from England, Russell Brand.

Below here is Comedian Russell Brand singing and gyrating his pelvis in a sexual manner.

I had no idea there were so many energy workers in the world until recently and I never imagined in my wildest dreams that one day I would be at the fight of my life against some famous celebrities from England, the U.S. and with one famous U.S. Singer.

Over the past four years going on five years now, I have under gone an immense amount of psychic attacks and energy drain by the hands of celebrities, energy workers, a famous American pop singer, and American Psychic Mediums who are famous in Hollywood. These people are ruthless and have an agenda with my life.

About five years ago in January of 2015 was the first time I was approached by some of these people. The purpose of their engagement with me was to attach negative energetic attachments to my body. I shared a dream with three people in January 2015 that resulted in me getting cords of attachments. If you would like to read about this dream meeting. It is on my Blog page. The Blog is called “The Dream meeting I shared with Psychic Medium John Edward.” Below is the link to the blog

The sole purpose of all the intentional targeted psychic attacks and all the energy pull on my energetic centers on my body is to harm me and my life, there by draining my energy from my energy body/subtle body and there by possibly killing me. The negative energetic cords of attachments allow the Energy Worker to push there negative energy into your energy body as well pull your energy out of your body.

You might say to yourself that I had to have done something to have these people come after me. The reason that they were targeting me and have been targeting me is because they’re trying to stop me from having organized criminals indicted that have a breach of fiduciary with my trust and embezzled millions from my trust. Meanwhile these same white collar Attorneys use my mother’s name with identity theft in Greenwood, Mississippi.

Sometimes there are other reasons that cause an Energy Worker to pull another persons energy and target them with Psychic Attacks. They could be jealous of that person and might want to hurt them. They could also want their energy to mimic the other person, to be like that person if you will. But for what ever reason they are undoubtedly intentionally inflicting unwanted pain upon the person’s energy field. This can in the end be detrimental to the persons health.

Like most people we like to take care of our health by eating healthy, playing sports on occasion, exercising and for what ever the reason we all need energy to accomplish these every day tasks in our life. One individual that likes to pull my energy so he may accomplish his every day tasks on occasion a little bit better with my energy in his energy body is Russell Brand.

Comedian Russell Brand came into my life last year about a month after Katy Perry had connected negative energetic attachments to my body with the help of one of her Hindu Guru friends. I did nothing to cause them to come into my life. They chose to hurt me. They made the first move and still to this day have not stopped pulling my energy out of my body.

It is a scary thought that I could have to endure in the future any more of their psychic attacks to my body and who is to say that they don’t already attack my family with Psychic Attacks and Demons.

Over the course of the past 6 months I have shared dreams with Russell Brand a few times. One dream I shared with Russell Brand was when he was with one of his Hindu Indian Friends of his. I was not expecting to see what was presented before me in the dream. At the time I had the dream my Chihuahua was sleeping next to me. He was also in the dream meeting. Animals can share dreams with people as so can humans with humans.

So here I am in this dream meeting with Russell Brand and his Hindu friend and before I knew it Russll Brands Hindu Indian Friend handed me or should I say presented to me my dear sweet Chihuahuas severed head on a decorative silver plater and his head was also cut in half with a knife. So not only was his head severed and laying ontop of this silver plater it was cut in half with a knife. This was initially done to hurt me and my dog, which is my family. This is ruthless and Evil. What did I and my dog do to deserve to be treated this way. Not a Damn thing! I am a targeted individual.

In another dream I shared with Russell Brand he was there and his hindu friend who ran up to me in the dream and punched me with his astral body’s right fist into my solar plexus area of my stomach. I actually felt the physical pain from the punch the Hindu Indian threw with his astral body to my stomach.

Russell Brand’s Hindu friend wanted to me to have something to remember him by and scary things like this can occur in a dream meeting setting with you if you’re being targeted. I have shared many dreams with different people, but this man and Russell Brand and his Hindu friends are some of the most ruthless hatefull people I have every experienced while in a dream meeting.

Russell did not only share dreams with me. He also intentionally targeted my energy body and pulled my energy out of my body through negative energetic attachments. When Russell was brought into my life around August of 2018 he was with Pop Singer Katy Perry. Katy Perry who brought him into my life to help her with her agenda she has with my life and energy field.

One day when I was taking a daytime nap from being lethargic from all the energy being pulled from my body through negative energetic attachments. I started to feel a pull in the area where my heart chakras and Solar Plex Chakras are located. It was a painful energetic being administered to me by Russell Brand and It hurt.

I was taken back and was like “Hell No What the Fuck is going on here!” Then as the energy drain went along within seconds I started to remote veiw Russell Brand and him wrestling another man in what look like to me like one of his Brazilian jiu jitsu classes. I am alittle confused as to why he pulled my energy at this time in his life.

Was it because his genitals were rubbing and touching the other man’s genitals and for some reason he was horny maybe and he thought about me and then the other possibility that he just wanted an extra boost of energy to help him with his wrestling match in his Brazilian Jiu jitsu classes he likes to attend. Who knows why he was pulling my energy except Russell Brand. All I know is he was pulling my energy at the same time he was wrestling in his Brazilian jiu jitsu class. But for what ever reason at this time he was inflicting pain upon my energy body.

This is Invasive! Sharing dreams with another person with out their consent is Invasive. Pulling another persons energy out of their body is Invasive and actions speak loudly! But as instincts have it I know nothing more than to protect myself from this invasive energy predator and his hindu friends.

Will it ever end? These people hurting me? Who is to say. Time will only tell. I do hope you enjoy reading my blogs and find them very informative. Please stop by my blog page in the near future. I will be posting many more blogs about Energy Workers and my experiences with Psychic Attacks.

The Best is Yet to come. See you again soon. Until then don’t be a Victim of Energy Vampirism and Psychic Attacks. Learn to Protect your Energy Body and Aura. You only have one so take care of it!

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Katy Perry is an Energy Worker that likes to pull my Energy thru cords of attachments!

This blog is about an Energy Worker that is a very famous Pop Singer, Katy Perry.

This is Energy Worker Katy Perry talking about Transindental Meditation.

For the world of me, in the beginning, I could not figure out over the past 3 years why I kept remote veiwing Psychic Medium John Edward at different times over the years speaking to Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. As well I could feel his emtional energy when he was speaking to her.

Cords of attachments can allow a person to remote view the other persons actions and you can also feel the person’s emotional energy as well. I have been studying energetic attachments now for over 2 years going on 3.

I decided to learn about energetic attachments because of the energy drain I was having from Psychic Medium John Edward and some of his close friends and coworkers. I wanted to know how to protect myself from these people hurting me and my energy field so I decided to learn about what it is they were doing to me.

Over the years I have taken classes on Energy Work and bought books about Energy Vampirism and have attended webinars that speak about Energy Vampirism and psychic attacks. I am currently a Reiki Master, who Loves working with energy.

We all have an energy body as well a physical body. You can’t have one with out the other. They go together no mater what as long as you are alive. So why not learn about your energy body you carry around with you every day of your life so you can better take care of your health. So this is just what I did.

Over the past four years I have remote viewed Psychic Medium/Energy Worker John Edward speaking to Katy Perry at different times over the last three years. I thought nothing about it really during the last three years until last May in 2018. Last May in 2018. I woke up around three am-ish out of my sleep to look up above me and see a Hindu Indian Man in Astral Projection form in my room looking down on me with a hatefull, evil smirk on his face directed towards ME!

I just laughed back at him. At the time I was free of fear and I just laughed at him. When someone is mad at you and you laugh at them then this will usually make the other even more mad towards you. But for what ever reason at the time I just thought this invasive hindu energy worker was just hilarious.

This invasion by this hindu man really did occur. This is not made up as so are the rest of my accounts I share on my blogs. I have seen many different people in Astral Projection form as well I am a Medium.

So the Indian from India was very angry with me and he ment business, and this is why he was sent to me. The Indian is very good friends with Katy Perry in Los Angeles. I suspect she sent him to me to attach negative energetic attachments to my body so she may, in my opinion torment me and pull my energy there by putting holes in my Energy Body/ Aura.

The next day after that strange invasion I had the night before, I was made aware in the afternoon that Katy Perry was attached to my body with these negative energetic attachments. How was I made aware you might say. I do not know how to explain it really, but I will try.

It was like a light was turned on in a pitch black room that I was seeing in my mind and then “BOOM” all of a sudden I could see Katy Perry and her Hindu Energy Worker friend standing together next to each other and they were laughing. I am assuming her Hindu friend pulled my energy and meshed my energy with hers to form energetic attachments between me and her.

A month later after the initial energetic connection to Katy Pery. Katy Perry helped her Ex Husband Russel Brand connected to my energy body as well through negative energy attachments to my body. I remote veiwed the couple together when this happened. I will speak about this event that occurred in another blog I will post at a later date.

The emotional energy this woman has been sending me over the past 8 to 9 months has been nothing more than hateful and ugly. I know why she has been pulling my energy and it all stems from January of 2015 when Psychic Medium John Edward was in Los Angeles.

I suspect Katy Perry is hurting me and my Aura/Energy Body because she is helping some people in Mississippi to hurt me and possibly kill me. These People are White Collar Attorneys in Greenwood, Mississippi, that want me dead I suspect are good friends with Katy Perry’s manager, Bradford Cobb of Hernado Mississippi.

She wants to help protect these people that stole over 4 million dollars in World War 2 Series E savings bonds from my trust fund that was closed in 2007 and use my mother’s name with identity theft. These White Collar Attorneys are also politicaly connected with Former President Donald Trump and Politics in Mississippi.

The same Law Firm that stole 4 million dollars from my trust, sent in the brother inlaw Dr. John McClean Trotter, who at the time was not a licensed physian in 2006, to I suspect give my mother a heart attack. I suspect my mother Brenda Flowers was murdered by Dr. John Mclean Trotter and Meltons Law Firm.

Why do I feel my Mom was murdered by White Collar Masons at Melton Law Firm and cardiologist Mason Dr. Mclean Trotter, from Greenwood, Mississippi. The firm’s brother in law to Mason Floyd Melton, 3rd is Mason Dr. John Mclean Trotter, the brother to OES Lisa Trotter Melton. Because their motive was to embezzle 4 million of my assets that Melton’s Law Firm never rendered over to me when they closed my trust fund in 2007 and as well they were using my mother’s name with identity theft. Then my mother died from a heart attack while under these white collar attorneys care.

What is the connection with these people, John Edward and Jonathan Louis you might say. I speak about this connection in another blog. You can read about this connection and the demonic possession inflicted upon me by John Edward and Jonathan Louis at this link below here 👇

The Dominic Possession inflicted upon me by Psychic Medium Jonathan Louis and Psychic Medium John Edward on January 11, 2015 happened while they were in Los Angeles where Katy Perry lives.

Any person that knows about energy Vampirism knows it is possible to hurt the other person by pulling their energy through negative energetic attachments. The holes that form on the layers of the person’s Aura, from the Psychic Vampire/ Energy Worker pulling your energy, can cause your energy to slowly leek out through those holes.

Katy Perry in my opinion is a Deranged Psychopath with little feeling or remorse for her actions. She thinks her shit don’t stink. Well it does stink very badly.

I feel like this woman thought I would never figure out what it is that she was doing to me, but I figured it out because it was ment to be! Katy Perry has been working with Psychic Medium John Edward and other people who work with energy to make sure they are hurting me so that my life might be destroyed.

Katy Perry and John Edward have gone to great lengths to try to kill me with psychic attacks. I suspect people are payed to assist her in attacking my Aura and sending Demons to torment me. As I go on with my life I know nothing more, as instincts have it, than to protect myself and family from this invasive energy worker and her evil attacks with psychic attacks upon my physical and energy body.

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Energy Worker Self Help Guru John Edward likes to pull my ENERGY

I am a Victim of Psychic Attacks from the hands of John Edward and some of his very close friends and coworkers that are Energy Workers just like John Edward.

Psychic Medium John Edward came into my life in January 2015. He, with he help of Psychic Development Teacher Sandy Anastasi and Psychic Medium Jonathan Louis, attached negative energetic attachments/cords to different areas on my body. He has put holes in my Aura by pulling my energy out of my body as well as he has Cursed me numerous times.

Why would I let this happen to me you might say. You might even say to yourself I don’t believe this woman. Why would she go so long having this man pull her energy and hurt her so through negative energetic attachments and hurt her for so many years.

Because I did not know what his intentions were, I did not understand energy work at the time and what it was that John Edward and his friends really wanted from me. I also did not know how to stop him from hurting me.

I suspect John wants to hurt and kill me if possible and by doing this he could uses his friends/CoWorkers together with him to Curse me and pull my energy through cords of attachments on a regular bases 24 hours aday.

I am a Victim! A Victim of Psychic Attack by the Hands of Energy Worker John Edward, Energy Worker Sandy Anastasi, Psychic Medium Jonathan Louis, and Energy Worker Amber Nightingale.

After the Dream Meeting I shared with John Edward in 2015, a week later he sent Demonic Entities into my body to enslave me and possess my body there by causing havic and pain for me in anyway possible. The Demonic Entities were sent to me by John Edward and Jonathan Louis, who is a coworker with John Edward. Jonathan never pulled my energy. He only sent lower level entitys to me to reek havic with my energy field and life as a whole.

Below is a drawing of the Lower Level Demonic Entity Psychic Medium Jonathan Louis put on me. This is a representation of what I would see on a regular bases until I removed it and cast it into the fires of Hell.

My intuition and spirit guides have told me that these people were paid to hurt me for over four years now. John doesn’t do anything for free and neither does Sandy Anastasi. These people have an agenda and I am on the top of their list.

I reached out to Sandy by email hoping she would respond back to my inquires as to why she was in my life energetically and I also took some of her webinars, which were crap, and I read her psychic development books, thinking that maybe this would help me understand what I was going through Psychic Attacks with her and the Energy Drain through the negative energetic attachments they had to my body.

But what really made me think is when her assistant, Lisa Freeman, remarked on Sandy’s Webinar, after my Question. Lisa Remarked, “Ok, Who is our Next Victim?” “VICTIM” SERIOUSLY! Little hints here and there helped me to understand what it was that I was going through with all the Psychic Attacks, but it was not untill I started to study Energy Work and educate myself by reading about Astral Vampires/Energy Predators, the Aura and cords of attachments did I fully understand what these people were doing to me.

Amber Nightingale is an Energy Worker that was recruited by John Edward and Sandy Anastasi to pull my energy and attack me with Psychic Atracks. I suspect this woman was paid very generously to help them hurt me. My spirit guides tell me so. Also I suspect she is a Concubine for John Edward. This is a fact because I remote viewed the two having sex together in the summer of 2017.

I threw up after remote viewing what I saw. It was quite disgusting to view the two engaging in sex. Amber Nightingale works with Energy and worships the ground John Edward walks on. She has even mentioned on occasion to her buddies in Australia that she feels the need to protect John Edward. Even if it means hurting someone in the process when there is no need for protection to begin with. More often John use Amber to attack my energy field and put holes in my Aura with Psychic Attacks.

Reiki Master Amber Nightingale is a Fake Healer who is a Graduate of the Anastasi System of Psychic Development.

The pain I felt from having my Energy pulled by a group of people hurts very badly. Yes there is physical pain. What I felt from having my energy pulled is an irregular heartbeat, a vibrational feeling in the area they were pulling my energy on my body, mental confusion afterwards, my eyes had sensitivity to light and I would get sleepy.

Or other times they would push their negative anxiety energy into me through the negative energetic attachments they had attached to my body and Aura. This caused me to feel agitated and feel mentally confused some what. I hope that what I have gone through never has to happen to you. You have to be very mentally strong person to go through over the years what I have gone through with these invase energy predators and Black Magi.

I will be sharing later another blog and will talk about ways to protect yourself from Energy Workers that target you with Psychic Attacks. Please feel free to comment below. I always enjoy everyone’s feed back and input. Don’t be a Victim of Psychic Attacks like I am and was.

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Understanding Cord Attachments and My Dream Meeting with Psychic Medium John Edward

I want to explore the concept of  cord attachments and share with you my experience of having a dream meeting that I shared with Psychic Medium John Edward which resulted in me getting cord attachments to my Chakras points.

On a basic level a cord of attachment is a mental or emotional connection to someone or something other than ourselves that both gives and receives energy. These cords of energy usually attach to a particular chakras on the human body. The cords of energy are very similar to an electric cord. Through out the day and night we consciously and unconsciously create these cords of attachments with things and people that are in our lives whether we like it or not. There is a constant exchange of energy through these cords of attachments. The energy exchange between the two people continues regardless of distance and because of the person’s desire to maintain the energetic attachment.

The end result of cords of attachment is that the other person has some of your energy and you in return have some of his/hers. This results in both people influencing each other, often in negative ways.


The first cords we create is to our mother when we are conceived. The emotional energy that the mother sends out to the unborn child she is carrying energetically connects the child to the mother and sets the tone for bonding through out their lifespan. Some of the stronger cords will be the energetic attachments with those whom we have frequent contact with  and as such the people who often are our closest friends and family members.

These cords are like sticky ropes of mental/emotional energy that keep you binded /tied into someone else in your life. Energetic cords of attachment are the reason why when we begin to fall in love with someone it seems impossible to tear yourself away from this Energy Vampire/Person.

On a physical level you will have the release of various hormones and endorphins and on an energetic level you will have the transfer of negative and positive energy through these cords of attachments. In a mutually beneficial relationship the flow of energy through these cords of attachments will go both ways. But in cases where the cord of attachment was attached to a persons chakras points for their selfish greedy reasons then the relationship will be based on fear, dependency or “Power Trip”. In most cases the flow of energy from the energy Vampire is flowing one way which causes an energy drain from the Victim/Target.


As I mentioned earlier some people attach the cords unconsciously and consciously. The people who are deliberately attaching these cords to their victim are considered to be Energy Predators/Vampires and they drain a victims energy so they may maintain their own energy levels. There have been documented cases where a so called Self Help guru Energy Predator/Vampire created a network of negative energetic attachments to his followers and in return he was able to maintain a very good energy level by virtually draining the energy of his devoted followers.

I am about to tell you a story about me and a dream meeting I shared with a so called Self Help Gure that teaches people how to EVOLVE. The so called so called Self Help Guru is in actuality a psychic medium who works with Energy and the Metaphysical. My story begins in early January 2015. I sent an email to a Sandy Anastasi, who is a Psychic development teacher and close friend/coworker of Psychic Medium John Edward. I inquired with Sandy Anastasi about me taking her coaching she had to offer on her website. Later not to long after I emailed Sandy about her coaching . She emailed me back and told me to take her Psychic Development course. I did not take her course. With in a week from receiving the first email from sandy. I had a dream meeting with Sandy Anastasi, Psychic Medium John Edward , and Psychic Medium Jonathan Louis . In the dream meeting there were three very large thrones sitting in the background and a podium that sited in front of the three thrones. Two of the thrones were empty and one throne sitted to the far right had a person sitting in it staring at me and watching me very attentavily. The only person sitting in the throne to the far right was Psychic Medium Jonathan Louis. Psychic Medium John Edward stood behind the podium and he had a rather large grimoire sitting on the top of the podium that he was reading from. The Grimoire that John was speaking from, I suspect is a Grimoire passed down to him from his Grandmother on his mothers side. Sandy Anastasi sat next to my head while she attached negative energetic cords of attachments to my crown and third eye chakras in the dream meeting. The trio were performing a Ritual on me in the dream meeting. The two empty thrones I am assumed were supposed to seat John and Sandy. I saw John Speaking from his Grimoire after Sandy attached the cords to my brow and crown Chakras points. John was speaking some types of rites from his very large grimiore that was seated on the top of the podium in front of him. Then I noticed John quickly moved to my right side of my body while holding the Grimoire in his hands. He chanted words from the grimiore as the ritual continued. John stood next to my solar plexus Chakras points. Then I looked over at John and he began to speak loader and his voice got stronger. Then all of a sudden I saw a light from my Solar Plexus Chakras point shoot upwards from my body. And then in seconds the ritual was over. I looked at John and he looked at me. For some reason during the ritual I could not move my body, but I was able to see what was going on and have a sense of feeling when the cords were being attached to my chakras points. But when the ritual was over I was able to move and speak.

I was taken back and very surprised  that this man whom I did not know had come to me in a dream meeting. I was filled with Love in my heart at the time and when I was released to finally speak. I through up rainbow energetic colors up at John. the Energetic rainbow energy went up through John’s whole body. Then I remarked to John “You are so Beautiful.” And then John blushed from my comment directed towards him. I now have second thoughts about how beautiful John is. Then in the dream meeting John asked me to come work for him in New York. I got extremely scared after John asked me to come work for him in New York. I pulled out of the dream quickly after telling him NO!

As a result of the negative energetic attachments that were attached to my chakras points I have gone through so much crap. Negative energetic attachments are oh so bad for a person’s life force energy. The dream meeting I shared with John Edward, Sandy Anastasi, and Jonathan Louis was specifically created to benefit John, Sandy and Jonathan and other people I have not mentioned in this blog. I do not wish that anyone would ever have to go through what I went through with John, Sandy, And Jonathan. The dream meetings purpose was to establish a link to my chakras points so they may be drained of my energy. My blog is the first ever to speak about an actual dream meeting that has occurred in hopes of attaching energetic cord attachments to my chakras points. Don’t be a victim. learn to protect your self from energy predators if you value your life force energy.

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