Bindi Irwin gave birth to a beautiful baby that has Down Syndrome

Bind and Chandler holding their baby Grace Warrior Irwin Powell

Crikey, Bindi Irwin is Down Right Amazing!

Congratulations Bindi and Chandler on the birth of your new baby. Your baby is gorgeous and beautiful just as much as her mother and father.

As the months and days went by while Bindi was pregnant I contemplated to myself if Bindi would ever give birth to a baby born with Down Syndrome seeing that Bindi has it herself. Sure enough I was right. Bindi did give birth to a baby with Down Syndrome.

Many people have a misconception about the fact that someone with Down Syndrome can have children. In reality a person with Down Syndrome may have challenges in raising a child with Down Syndrome, but a woman who has Down syndrome and is fertile can most definitely give birth to a healthy child not born with Down Syndrome or born with Down Syndrome.

In Bindi’s case Bindi had a 35 to 50% chance her baby would be born with Down Syndrome because Bindi was born with Down Syndrome and it sure looks like to me and I’m sure you can tell too that her baby was born with Down Syndrome.

You can see little baby Grace’s tongue protruding from her mouth. This was the first sign that told me Grace had Down syndrome like her mother. I’m sure that the Irwins will go ahead and have surgery on her tongue like they did Bindi’s.

Grace Warrior Irwin Powell has Down Syndrome like her mother, Bindi 💛

Many people don’t believe me when I tell them that Bindi Irwin was born with Down Syndrome. Especially since she refuses to speak about the fact that she has it. Not only that her family refuse to speak about the fact that Bindi was born with Down Syndrome.

Bindi was born with Down syndrome and this is a fact! Regardless if everyone refuses to admit the fact that she was born with Down Syndrome because some people have negative feelings towards Down Syndrome or people that have Down Syndrome. Regardless of the fact that the Irwins refuse to speak about it and still deny it to this day the truth will be known.

I have a book coming out this year called “Crikey, Bindi Irwin is Down Right Amazing.” I will be speaking in my second publication about the fact that Bindi Irwin was born with Down Syndrome. I even spoke about this on Facebook in a group called Bindi Irwin is Down Right Amazing.

My group was removed from Facebook and so was my page called Bindi Irwin is Down Right Amazing. Facebook and other people don’t want me to speak about the fact that Bindi Irwin has Down syndrome.

There is a big big secret that everyone’s trying to keep from everyone and that’s the fact that Bindi Irwin has Down syndrome. Regardless if Bindi’s daughter has Down syndrome I am still incredibly happy for the married couple. I know Grace is the next generation to continue Steve Irwin’s mission and message of conservation.

Grace chose her parents wisely don’t you think? Bindi and Chandler are going to be the best parents ever I just know it.

Chandler kissing little Grace in her mum, Bindi Irwin’s, belly 😍
Steve Irwin kissing is wife Terri’s belly with Bindi close by getting Robert a big kiss while he’s in his mum’s belly 😍

Grace is a blessed child regardless if she has Down syndrome. Any child that’s born with Down Syndrome is a blessing.

I look forward to see how she grows up. I’m sure we all look forward to see how little Grace grows up. I want to know if she’s going to have plastic surgery like her mother had plastic surgery to make her look like she doesn’t have Down syndrome.

You never know with the Irwins. No one even knows where little Grace was born. I suspect Grace was born in America. I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out that as well unless the Irwins decide to keep that secret too.

Thank you for reading my blog. If you’re a big fan of Bindi Irwin then please buy my second publication coming out this year called “Crikey, Bindi Irwin is downright amazing.”

I’m going to talk about how amazing of a wildlife Warrior Bindi Irwin is. She’s such an inspiration to all conservationists throughout the world. Bindi Irwin is Down Right Amazing!

17 thoughts on “Bindi Irwin gave birth to a beautiful baby that has Down Syndrome

  1. Please consider getting psychological help as well as attending English classes or hiring an editor. Your obsession with this topic is unhealthy & concerning. Please consider limiting your use of the internet & reach out for help in your community.


    1. Is that all you can to do is to belittle me on my page and make fun of me. Concerned is that your name. Maybe you should change your name to troll instead of concerned since you’re trolling me.


  2. This article makes no sense. Bindi does not have down syndrome, it is not a spectrum like autism, either you have down syndrome or not. You can’t have “a little” of down syndrome. Down syndrome or trisomy 21 is caused by a mutation during conception of the dna, resulting in a third copy of the 21st chromosome, you need to learn basic grammar skills and educate yourself on topics if you are going to write articles about them


    1. It makes lots of sense. The truth just hurts too much doesn’t it. The truth is killing you guys! The truth that Bindi Irwin has Down syndrome and so does Grace is just eat you guys up inside. You can’t handle the truth Raquel M. Brinkley.


      1. 1: my name is not Raquel

        2: you’re so blinded by your own lies that you cannot in fact see the truth much less believe it, you need help


      2. Wow! You really are trying to discredit me aren’t you. Sorry for spelling your name wrong Rachael. I’m not a liar, but good trying to discredit me.


  3. I’ve met people like this author before, they cause untold hurt with their lies. They think they are a cut above everyone due to their psychic abilities, yet quickly it becomes clear they are simply crazy. Stop making up lies and get some help. There’s nothing wrong with Bindi or Grace. I’m amazed you haven’t been sued by the family. I would sue you. Because you are vile. I hope all your other victims recover from your so called “help”.


    1. My psychic abilities don’t tell me that Bindi Irwin has Down syndrome and so does Grace. The fact that Bindi Irwin had surgery on the epanthical folds under her eyes prove that she has Down syndrome.
      Bindi Irwin’s Pinky’s curve in this is a sign of down syndrome. She’s 5 ft tall this is a sign of down syndrome. She has many signs of down syndrome. I can keep going on. Bindi Irwin’s had extensive amounts of plastic surgery on her face. She has cheek implants and a chin implant on her face.
      Grace has Down syndrome. Grace’s tongue is constantly protruding out. Grace has no nasal bone. Grace has no expressions on her face. These are signs of down syndrome. Her mother has Down syndrome and her daughter has Down syndrome end of story. I did not come to terms to figure this out because I was psychic I came to figure it out because she looks like she has it. Her whole family doesn’t want people to know she has it. I suspect they don’t want people to know she’s got it because it could hurt her business as a celebrity because she’s lied to people her whole life about having it. So if you think they should sue me you’re not the last person that said this over the last 3 years to me and I don’t care if you say it again to me. You’re not the last person that’s going to be little me and say ugly things to me because the truth hurts too much! You can’t handle the truth Alex Fraser.


  4. All I can say is you do not have facts about any of this. You’ve never been privy to her medical records. I’ve worked with kids who haves downs and she doesn’t even come close. She is extremely intelligent, a talented speaker, a great dancer and a lover of wildlife and conservation. I hope Bindi never reads any of this. How hurtful you are being! And especially to people who have downs.


    1. I’ve been talking about Bindi Irwin having Down syndrome for 3 years. A person with Down Syndrome can be intelligent, a talented speaker and a great dancer and a lover of Wildlife and conservation. Because you don’t like people with Down Syndrome doesn’t mean you should belittle them and say that they can’t do the same things that Bindi has accomplished in her lifetime. Bindi has Down syndrome and so does her daughter Grace Warrior Powell. They both were born with Down Syndrome. I’m sorry the truth hurts you too much.


      1. Says the one that’s literally making up lies about Bindi, and giving false medical diagnosis, you need to calm down without strange fascination because its showing your shitty side


      2. I see all you can do is belittle me and degrade me. Is this the real reason you came on my blog is to bully me because you are doing a good at it so far.


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