Angelina Jolie insists to keep intentionally targeting me with Psychic Attacks

This is Happy 😊 Anjelina Jolie.

This blog is about Psychic Attacks I have been receiving from Anjelina Jolie on different occasions. As we all know Anjelina is a known Satanist, but what alot of you don’t know is that she is infatuated with my father’s unsolved murder. I know this to be true because I have remote veiwed her on the day my father was murdered sending her emotional energy to me.

How did this happen you might say. Well it was all Anjelina’s doing. She made a telepathic connection with me through negative energetic attachments and with Demons that she has sent to me and then I saw her. She was possibly cursing me at the time I think. I don’t know for sure if this was the case, but she has been in my energy field very heavy tonight.

I just recently blogged about Johnny Depp today and all of a sudden Anjelina Jolie made it known to me tonight that she is not happy with me. Well like I give a Shit. Many people close to Anjelina have been targeting my energy body and some people who are not so close to her have been helping her and others intentionally target me. Anjelina must be good friends with Johnny and she must not approve of me blogging about the Vampiric Psychic Attacks he has been putting me through. Why else would she come so heavy into my energy field this evening while I was at home.

As I previously mentioned earlier Anjelina is infatuated with my father’s unsolved murder. She and her husband are big fans of Photographer William Eggleston work and some of his photographs are of my father and his home. Below is a photo of my father, Dr. Tom Boring that was taken by Photographer William Eggleston.

(Untitled) T. C. Boring Greenwood Mississippi 1972

Also William Eggleston has ties to France and so does Anjelina and Brad. Are these people in a Vampire Coven in France? I have asked myself this question many times. Because of these reasons I believe she would have an interest in my father’s unsolved murder and in attacking me with Psychic Attacks.

I have pondered in the past about her interest in his life and unsolved murder. His unsolved murder has shocked many people through out the world. Photographer William Eggleston has made this possible with the false fabricated stories he has made about my dad’s unsolved murder in his films, portrait exhibitions and in articles in magazines.

My father was a US Navy Veteran Dentist and I just finished writing his unsolved biography which is going to be published soon called The True Legacy of Dr. Tom Boring. But what ever reason Anjelina has for intentionally targeting me with Psychic Attacks it at times seems to be somewhat of a mystery to me.

Could she possibly be targeting me because of the Freemason ties her ex husband has with Masons in the USA and in England. I have had Psychic Attacks from Anjelina’s ex husband as well but I will save my story of what I experienced with him for another time.

I suspect my mother was murder by Masons. I have blogged about this. I am very adamant about the fact she was possibly murdered for my assets that were in my trust frund that Corrupt White Collar Criminal Masons in Mississippi embezzled. Like I mentioned earlier.

What ever the reason is that she is targeting me she is out of line and desperate it seems to me. I mean come on. This intentionally targeting me with psychic attacks is really beginning to get stupid on their part.

These people are not giving up! They have an agenda with my life. Well if they are targeting me because of my murdered father and the biography I am publishing soon. Well just to let you all know and the people targeting me. His biography is going to be published regardless of what you do to me.

I will never give up fighting for Justice for my father’s Legacy. I will never give up fighting for Justice for my murdered mother as well and I sure as hell am not giving up on getting back the millions that were embezzled from my trust fund by murderous white collar criminal masons in Greenwood Mississippi.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experiences with Psychic Attacks that I have been receiving from Anjelina Jolie. I do hope she and the other Vampires and non vampires she is helping target me will eventually sooner than later give up on trying to kill me with Demons and by pulling my energy out of my body through negative energetic attachments. Just to let them and everyone else know. They are not going to kill me! I will never let it happen. I am not the type to give up so easily especially when my life depends on it.

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Don’t be a Victim of Psychic Attack like me. Learn to protect your self from Energy Predators and people who are targeting you with Demons.

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