The Demonic possession inflicted onto me by Medium John Edward and Medium Jonathan Louis was my wake up call.

Why would any person send Demons to another person to possess their body with out their consent? To hurt that person of course. This invasion by the Demon sent to your body is to cause harm to you of course as are most cases.

Medium/energy worker John Edward and Medium Jonathan Louis never conversed with me about the Demon they were sending to possess my body on January 11, 2015. They just did it anyway.

At the time of this Demonic Possession I was at home in my bedroom sitting on my bed meditating. I did not understand really what these Mediums intentions were with me at first when they came into my life over four years ago. I thought in the beginning maybe they wanted to be friendly with me until this Demonic possession took over my body. The Demonic possession was a game changer.

Things got even stranger at time’s when I would remote veiw John Edward spanking his Mr. happy. I would wonder to my self why am I seeing this? Why Me! What I was seeing made my jaw drop. I was very new to remote viewing so this took me back a little with surprise and then at other times I would remote veiw John engaging in sex with woman outside his marriage.

As Sexual as this man is this told me that John was definitely a Sexual Astral Psychic Vampire. I have negative energetic attachments to this man as well as I have them with John’s friend and business partner Psychic Development Teacher and Energy Worker Sandy Anastasi and her Student Energy Worker Amber Nightingale.

After my first initial dream meeting in the first week of January 2015 with Sandy Anastasi, John Edward and Jonathan Louis. I later had a Demon sent to me by John Edward and Jonathan Luis to possess my body.

The Demon possession happened almost spontaneously as I sat in my Bedroom on my bed in full utter Demonic Possession. Why did this happen to me you might say? Because I was intentionally being targeted. I am intentionally targeted by Psychic Medium John Edward and Medium Jonathan Louis. Below is a representation of the Demon that was put on me in January of 2015.

During this possession I was a little scared. I never thought that there were famous Celebrity Mediums, that I did not know personally, that would try to hurt me and possibly kill me with Psychic Atracks and Demons.

Regardless of what was happening to me I tried to stay positive. So I worked through the possession as it went along. I sat up in my bedroom and saw another Demon at the time of the Possession that looked down upon me with an evil grin on his face and then he spoke out loud and directed his comment towards me.

He stated “Prana”. Prana means energy in Hindi. This possession wreaked of Hindus from Los Angeles. I was like “Wow! What is going on here. This Demon wants and likes my energy! This is not right. I want my energy. No Demon is going to take it way from me, but in the end it did.

As the Possession went on the Demon inside of me started to Communicate with me telepathically. It asked me three questions that told me that these Mediums have some kind of connection to a Family in Mississippi that embezzled over 4 million from my trust fund in 2007 and have a breach of fiduciary with my trust. These same White Collar Attorneys also use my mother’s name with identity theft.

The first question the Demonic Entity ask me is did I want to hurt Dr. John McLean Trotter. The second question it asked me is if I wanted to hurt my brother Knox, and the third question it asked me is do I want to hurt the girl in Brazil that stabbed me with a knife 2 times in June of 2006.

I was very surprised when the Demon asked me these questions. It never once asked for an offering such as blood or anything of this nature. It just asked me three specific questions.

Mind you John and Jonathon sent these Demons to me while they were in Los Angeles. I have never personally known these two men nor did I ever tell them about any of these people that have been in my life. Why the hell were these people mentioned during the Possession by the Demon? Because John and Jonathon are working with some of them to hurt and possibly kill me with the Psychic Attacks.

I remarked back to the Demon that I don’t want to hurt Dr. John Mclean Trotter from Fairhope Alabama and then he said how about your brother, knox? I said “Love him”

Then the Demon grinded a silly grin and left quickly. Then the Demon asked what did I want to do to the girl in Brazil that had stabbed me with a knife to times when she tryed to kill me 2 months before my Mom died from a suspected heart attack by the hands of Dr. John McLean Trotter. Sorry but I will just keep my response to myself. Some things are best left unsaid.

I was not prepared for any Demonic possession on January 11, 2015, but I followed through regardless because I felt I really had no choice in the matter.

To make a long story short I was able to remove the Lower Level Demon myself. I expelled this Lower Level Demon into the fires of Hell. It had been attached to my body for over two and half years, almost three. Medium Jonathan Louis is not the only one that put Demons on me. He with another Sorcerer put a very nasty Demon on me.

I went to have a cleansing from a Babalawo in Miami. He took off of me a Vampiric Demon. He even faught a type of spiritual war for me it seemed at the time. I was so grateful that this Babalao was trying to help rid me of these Demons and invasive energy workers. These Demons that the Babalao took off my body, came in a pair and they never returned back to me. The Babalao cast them out of my body forever.

One of the two Demons essentially looked like Dracula. He wore only a Black Cape that covered his whole body all the way up to his eyes. You could only see his eyes when he was around me. He knew I was trying to see what he looked like and he didn’t want to give me this satisfaction. He also had his concubines at his feet reaching up to him begging him not to go. His exit was very sentimental and very dramatic might I say.

Then after he exited the second Demon popped out of a portal it looked like to me. The Demon was in a fat sphere shaped ball that looked similar maybe to an evil fat looking Buddha, who’s physical body was circular in shape. It constantly laughed at me when it was leaving my body. Then it told me who sent him to me because I asked him”Who sent you to me?” just before he exited.

To have witnessed these Demons leaving my Body was incredible to me. I was astounded by what I saw. This was seen in my mind’s eye. This was seen all around me with my eyes open and somewhat in front of me.

I have over the past four years had to remove Demon after Demon that has been sent to me to torment me and possibly kill me. These Demons after time if not removed permanently will somewhat mold into you as a person and your character and will feed off the person’s emotional energy.

They are easily attached to the body through holes in the Aura. These holes are week spots in the Aura, that are made because the persons had their energy pulled through negative energetic attachments that in return formed holes in the person’s Aura. When removing a negative energetic attachment you are left behind a hole.

This hole needs to be completely removed. This processes is a cord removal. You can cut cords any day of the week. But 9 out of 10 times because the cord was not removed completely it will just grow back and grow back even stronger. So this is why it needs to be completely removed.

I share blogs, essays, and articles on my Pinterest page about “Energy Workers”. You are more than welcome to stop by and check out my boards. I have many different boards that speak about Psychic Attacks, energetic attachments, the subtle body and the Aura.

All of my accounts are factual and true. I never drink alcohol and I don’t use drugs. I like my brain and I don’t ever want to loose my mind to drugs and alcohol. So I stay sober. I am of very stable in my mind and at Peace with myself and the World around me. So if anyone thinks my accounts on my Blog are made up. Well they are not! Please don’t be a VICTIM like I am. Learn to protect your energy body. You only have one so take care of it.

You can also find me on Twitter. Just follow the Link πŸ‘‡

I share blogs, essays and articles about Energy Vampirism and I talk about the Aura. If these topics interest you then please feel free to stop by my Pinterest page at Energy Workers. Just follow this link πŸ‘‡ Don’t be a Victim of Psychic Attack like me. Learn to protect your self from Energy Workers/Psychic Vampires and people who are targeting you with Demons.

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