Katy Perry is an Energy Worker that likes to pull my Energy thru cords of attachments!

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2 thoughts on “Katy Perry is an Energy Worker that likes to pull my Energy thru cords of attachments!

  1. I work closely with Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson – Katy Perry as chief trustee at the KATY PERRY CHARITABLE TRUST UK and as her spiritual connection for I AM her Divine Masculine Twin Flame soul connection i.e. we are one soul inhabiting 2 bodies and Katy has never been an energy vampire and our energetic cords are the most well connected on planet Earth as I AM Zeus the King of the Gods and Katy is the Goddess Isis/Demeter my wife in the higher dimensions and if Katy was launching a spiritual war upon you then as the most powerful of all the Gods I would also feel it as Katy and I are perfectly matched in our combined energy fields but Katy/Isis Diana in Rome has 7 Scorpion Goddesses all called Katy Perry and I will watch the John Edward Katy Perry Orlando Bloom lessons as Orlando Bloom and Bradford Cobb are MK Ultra mind controllers but if Katy as in Katheryn is linked to you then it was probably me in the astral plane as I am the Hindu God Krishna the “dark one”. Another point is that Katy as Isis was a member of the Pantheons of Gods where we had Katy giving birth to the souls for the human bodies therefore Katy maybe your divine Mother and I am the Divine Father of all souls. Krishna is also Lord Shiva the destroyer who may have been above you for your rebirth as an Author, Tarot card reader, Psychic Medium and Reiki Master from your previous 3D ‘self’ as you can’t create unless through destruction (or chaos) and Isis is the Goddess of Reincarnation and Rebirth so I will write this up for Katy and investigate for you as Bradford Cobb owes me over £3.3 million and doesn’t answer my emails, Bloom is a paid hand to usher the Scorpion Goddesses around on behalf of the CIA Entertainment division and Isis/Katy “she whom never fights but is always victorious” immediately denies involvement in a spiritual war with Jane but get in touch out of public view zeusdemeter3@gmail.com or my https://www.facebook.com/JESUSCHRISTofPALESTINE 44+(0)1892891405 I will see how I can help Namaste from ZEUS ALU-LIM of ERIDU

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